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    I am geting mixed feedback when it comes to scouts.

    1. Defence VS scouting: Her it's the number of scouts the determined if you are successful or repelled. Are all scouts equaly good at defending against scouting? But then Teuton scouts will be prefered if they are equal. right? or are the troops defence against scouting diffrent? :saint:

    2. Scout hammer. Her Roman scouts are prefered since they only eat one crop with HDT?

  • Hi Rexx,

    There are several factors when it comes to scouts.

    To start it fairly simply, the scouts have an individual battle like an attack, but where only the attacker can lose troops.

    The level of the scout does assist for both attack and defense of scouting.

    E.g. 100 scout V 100 legati = 43 scout deaths if no wall and level 0;
    - 70 deaths if the legati was level 10
    - 100 deaths (all died) if the wall was also level 10.

    The ditch also has an impact.

    You can check these stats in the combat simulator by getting them to attack each other.

    Apples to apples - they are the same strength at base level, but they do scale differently. The key differences being crop and speed.

    For standing idle def scout is preferable due to the crop cost.

  • To add to @Renuo#EN post above the individual power of scouts is roughly speaking:
    Defense in a village with HDT: Romans > Teutons > Gauls
    Defense in a village without HDT: Teutons > Gauls = Romans
    Offense (with HDT naturally): Romans > Teutons > Gauls

    Roman and Gaul scouts have identical stats in terms of scouting (thought they do have different speed and cost of course)
    Teuton scouts are individually weaker but are significantly stronger on crop consumption basis compared to roman and gaul scouts
    Roman scouts are king when they have the HDT bonus as with that they combine the high stats of the 2 crop scout with the crop consumption of a 1 crop scout beating out teutons easily on both defense and offense but of course only when HDT is available

    The three images above show the how romans and gauls have individually the same stats (which are higher than those of teuton scouts)

    These images demonstrates the superiority of teuton scouts on per crop basis (discounting HDT of course)