Exact mechanics of weapons

  • Hey,

    in the descriptions of the weapons, it reads "+ x Fighting Strength for hero. +y for each <Unit type>". That sounds like x is increased by n*y with n being the number of the respective units. So, if you have a shorts sword of the Swordman and the hero attacks on horse with 500 Swordmen, would those 500*3 attack be added to the hero (i.e. as Horse Attack) or is it added to the strength of the swordmen (i.e. counts as Foot Attack)?

  • the weapon affects the respective troop type
    the +500 is for your hero strength the +3 is added to the attack value for each swordsman attacking with the hero being mounted or unmounted makes no difference (even if your hero was unmounted it would at most only add +3 to your attack value, since he is only 1 troop)

  • Thank you for the reply, although I am unsure if you understood what I mean. I was not talking about the hero being mounted, but rather if the sword makes the Swordmen stronger or if the bonus for the hero is increased for each swordman that attacks with the hero

  • well i tried to cover all posts, as you mentioned Horses and Swordsmen are foot soldiers, so wouldn't really apply

    in the example you gave the "short sword of the swordsman"
    it gives you 500 fighting strength for your hero & it also gives
    +3 attack value to every swordsman accompanying your hero (your basic swordsman would have an attack strength of 68 instead of his usual 65) so 100 of them would give you 6800 instead of 6500 etc
    as mentioned if your hero were unmounted (i.e. also then a swordsman) he might also get +3 added to his attack value + the 500 from him holding the weapon

    the hero always gets the 500 base strength of the weapon, but only the respective troops would get the +3 extra, so wouldn't give +3 attack to horses or phalanx etc

  • The attack bonus is added to the hero power, thus, if the is mounted, you get +3*swordsmen mounted attack

    For a simple experiment run the ingame calculator with hero power 0 and whatever set of attack/defense (but with at least some troops of the weapon type), you will notice the defense value changes if you put your hero on horseback or not (because of the now different proportion of mounted/unmounted attacking value)