New tribes

  • I know, this has been in the previous threads before, but i wish that the new tribes from legend could be implemented here. just for a test server or something like that. It would be awesome to have those Egyptian mass troops and Hunnic cavalry.

  • The test server serves a purpose, namely to test upcomming features/tweaks/and the like. If the devs ever decide to implement new tribes they will fling them onto test first but if they dont plan implementing them, having them on test just for fun would temper with the results that server brings, possibly affecting normal servers after it

  • Answered here: when are we going to get new races in travian kingdom ?


    Hey there @Azurite_COM
    unfortunately that isn't a possibility. Please keep in mind that Travian Legends and Travian Kingdoms are two separate games and through the years they grew a lot different than each other, it isn't possible to just take a feature out of one of them and implement it into the other. Even if some of the features are similar, they have to be developed from scratch in Kingdoms(as was the whole game) since it's a lot newer than TL
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    basically it's not a case of copy and paste from Travian Legends. I wouldnt be surprised if some work had been put into this, but unlikely to happen any time soon.

  • I dont know for sure but im sure its not easy to implement new tribes in the game .

    But i do feel we can add a few more variety in the existing tribes .

    Adding more options to players will also help bring a new perspective to each tribe as well as a lot more fun for all the vetran players out there to experience something new :D

    this is just a suggestion but would really love to see something like that soon :D