Relocation Q

  • Dear all do you know when will the Relocation button appear ? right now i'm at 156 population and 4 days of protection remaining !

    also after relocation will the buildings and recourses fields remain the same or i loose something ? :?:

  • It normally takes 24 hours for the two options to appear if you meet the conditions, i.e. only one village and not in a kingdom or have twice the pop of your king.
    They remain exactly the same. The entire tile is relocated to another point.

  • Since anyone else is abusing this feature, try adding /window:relocation to the end of the travian URL ( eg. ). This opens the dialogue window you get at midnight CE(S)T at any time of the day. You still have to hit the requirements but you dont rely on the mercy of everyone else who 'steal' your potential targets