40 people kingdom joining fresh server

  • Unfortunately i think this all has something to do the "Blame Society" we now live in that is erupting on all forums everywhere, people are asking for game changes to be made, instead of learning how to fight and develop into a good player themselves. Everyone wants maximum results from minimum effort, but in such a fierce game environment it's never going to happen. Travian is very much a "do or die" game, you have to very quickly learn to survive (either by charm, whit or killing things) also, it's not all bad playing against an organized/premade team it can really improve your game over time. you just need to learn how to fight to stay alive (either build troops to defend yourself, or build troops and go on a rampage) it's fun to build troops & in the end it's all about how many troops you have & how active and skilled you are at using them. Too many players have massive population and hardly any troops by comparison, but all those unnecessary buildings wont save your account when some aggressor spots your high pop on the radar and comes throwing rocks at you ;)

    also I firmly believe that you are in charge of your own destiny, you too can be a premade, not on your 1st server sure, but this should be where you learn to stay alive and develop your skills & hopefully make some friends along the way, so then maybe on your next server you too can start with a group of friends.
    No premade just magically happened (no matter whether they are 10 players or 100 players) they evolved over numerous servers and will carry on evolving like everything else in the world does, so come on keep up, get on the train or sadly be left behind whining.

    One thing I would like to see though, is some sort of "training camp" some server where you can go to learn the basics before being unleashed into the land of unruly Kings, premades & corruption ;) (If such a server existed I would spend some time on there helping players to develop their skills & I'm sure some others would too)
    Or a much more detailed overhaul of the help guides and wiki sites, as new players are at a disadvantage when all the information they have access to is either very brief or outdated

    BM Independent Unbeaten Kingdom

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