40 people kingdom joining fresh server

  • I'd like to talk about kingdom from other server who join a fresh one.

    That litteraly give them a free win, on the com2 3RR0R come as 40+ players the day one, now they are untouchable with 40+ heroes and force others to join them with this ridiculous OP "strat" if they don't want to be farm.

    It's now unplayable for others kings, gouvernors join them and desactivate tributs and received attack from someone with like 8 villages day 3 for tributs (+his duc).

  • Yes, and they will easily destroy the others with intensif farming, they are a lot of villages on other kingdoms with tributs refused and they are farming each other for take it. 15cc or not that give them obvious not legit advantage

  • If you are talking about the team and server I think you are, I think you will find that server has many other competitive factions so no free win for anyone.

    he clearly stated the team and server lol.

    Anyway on this, As i've said before I will say again, if you can't beat em, join em. Usually they will be highly organised as they've been together for another server. Whilst it makes being a king exceptionally difficult that server, there's no reason you cannot join them and try and get involved so that next server it could be you who is king/duke.

    Until there is a reason to punish this and a way to punish it, It will continue.

    I'd much rather join an organised group than a new group trying to work out what they're supposed to be doing. I tried a speed server and the King and vice king of the top 10 kingdom hated each other which led to pointless arguements and nothing really being done. I do not wish to play an entire server under that. I soon deleted seeing I was miles away from the top 3.

  • I feel all KINGS should have equal standing when the game starts , and each server should be a new start for all .

    If someone from another server comes along with 40 other members then obviously other cant compete with them .

    So if we go on joining them just because we cant beat them then every server will have only a few Kingdoms at the top every time and i dont think that's cool .

    I'm not an expert , nor do i say i have a solution to stop this from happening but i feel this should be looked into as this will cause more and more players to be forced to do something they dont like .

  • I'm sure you would play with your friends too if they invited you to play a server together.

    That is really all that is happening. It is called playing a multiplayer game...

  • Multiplayer right , but that multiplayer's have to be different not the same each time .

    Huh, says who? You??

    Let's say someone you make friends in the game and they invite you to another server.
    Then Travian says "No, need different friends each time".
    That sounds 100% stupid right?

    I know this is going to sound strange but team games generally have teams form in them. I know it's a wild concept.

    If you think it is unfair, go and find friends and get the same "advantage". It's a skill we learn as 3 year olds, I'm sure you can do it!

  • Holy moly, players complaining about premade teams, I feel old and disgusted. A few years ago this was the very standard, all big then-still-alliances were mostly premade.

    But let me try to explain in a more serious way. Travian used to be played (well, the best alliances used to play that way) in tryhard premade teams who battled each other intelligently and in an organized way. It was considered normal if a 40 player alliance joined the game at once, everyone did so. Some amateur players were picked up and tryhardified, but at least the core, more likely the major part of the alliance was premade. This is kind of logic, if you intend to tryhard, play organizedly, plan intelligently and be victorious in wars, you need a lot of reliability and trust. You needed one or multiple guys who planned off actions, who planned def actions, who organized the alliance, maybe wrote some spreadsheets or custom tools (such like getter, just in better and personalized for the alliance). Chances of finding them ingame by random, well, not hard to guess.
    Then, with some time, growing concurrence in the browser game market, Travian's inability to jump on the mobile train, their inability to keep their core customers satisfied via some very poor decisions and updates (I recall the T:L beta was kind of ... un-loved by veterans, same with TK alpha), their inability to attract, keep and hardcorify new players, the fact that those hardcore players became older, got responsibilities, and so on, the playerbase, corebase and tryhard-percentage went down kind of continously. The result is what you see now, the vast majority of players plays with a activity level which would hardly satisfy apps like Pou oder Flappy Bird, barely an kingdom has a good organisation, and due to the incompetence (caused by the lack of interest) the kingdoms started to grow in mass, corrupting their quality.
    So, to recall, Kingdoms and Travian used to be strategy games to play with your friends and alliance, and not to be played only during lunch break or in the last 15 minutes before finishing time at work. So ... why exactly shouldn't a kingdom of 40 members be allowed or unrestricted to join? If that's what you want this is definitely not your game, attempting to trust a mostly randomly picked kingdom and trying to create a strategiy is, idk, running around naked in this very spooky district everyone is shunning, as a woman in the middle of the night.
    If you truly want to play the game hope they are not a garbage-premade team (yes, they exist), ask them if you can join them, because you want to learn the game for itself (and not what all those whiny casuals want to make out of it) and pray they accept you and teach you something. ^^

  • Holy moly, players complaining about premade teams, I feel old and disgusted. A few years ago this was the very standard, all big then-still-alliances were mostly premade.

    Dude , i understand what ur trying to say and for ur information i have been on quite of few of such team but i still feel its not cool to have the same team over and over that's all . Its not like my comment hurt anyone's feeling and ppl would stop doing it :D

  • this is international server...the "best" teams battle it out here/other server :)

  • Maybe, just maybe governors limit is a must. because this exist in real world, having so many governors only happens in empires which are very different from kingdoms.

    I really think the kingdoms model of travian has to be different, it should be about world dominance and holding on economical and resources regions. this will develop the diplomacy aspect of it and give chances for more kingdoms to shine

    So lets suggest the max is 40 and a group of 40 players joins the server.

    Are you truly expecting a random group of players from the server to rise up against them? On Com1. 100% of the top 10 pop are in the top 2 kingdoms.
    only 6 out of the top 40 are not the top 2 kingdoms.

    The short story here, is limiting it is likely to get the other kingdoms destroyed. Also what's to stop them making a "support" kingdom? This used to happen all the time 10 years back. Heck i tried one of the servers of another country for lolz, they had 10 wings! 10 groups of ~30-50 players for the same kingdom (or alliance as it were back in the day)! this was common for that particular country oddly enough and the other group was "anti xxx" and a few solo players.

    Unfortunately, your solution will not solve the issue we're looking for. Unless they specifically punish "wings" but there's hard to do,

    when does a confed basically become a wing? As you'll both attack the same people and often help defend.

    At least you're trying to think of a suggestion/solution which is good for the topic. Ideally need some other suggestions as this ones hard to get to complete what the topic wants to achieve.
    Unless you get a "test" server which specifically limits the number of players to ~20 per kingdom, which would be... interesting!

  • Unfortunately i think this all has something to do the "Blame Society" we now live in that is erupting on all forums everywhere, people are asking for game changes to be made, instead of learning how to fight and develop into a good player themselves. Everyone wants maximum results from minimum effort, but in such a fierce game environment it's never going to happen. Travian is very much a "do or die" game, you have to very quickly learn to survive (either by charm, whit or killing things) also, it's not all bad playing against an organized/premade team it can really improve your game over time. you just need to learn how to fight to stay alive (either build troops to defend yourself, or build troops and go on a rampage) it's fun to build troops & in the end it's all about how many troops you have & how active and skilled you are at using them. Too many players have massive population and hardly any troops by comparison, but all those unnecessary buildings wont save your account when some aggressor spots your high pop on the radar and comes throwing rocks at you ;)

    also I firmly believe that you are in charge of your own destiny, you too can be a premade, not on your 1st server sure, but this should be where you learn to stay alive and develop your skills & hopefully make some friends along the way, so then maybe on your next server you too can start with a group of friends.
    No premade just magically happened (no matter whether they are 10 players or 100 players) they evolved over numerous servers and will carry on evolving like everything else in the world does, so come on keep up, get on the train or sadly be left behind whining.

    One thing I would like to see though, is some sort of "training camp" some server where you can go to learn the basics before being unleashed into the land of unruly Kings, premades & corruption ;) (If such a server existed I would spend some time on there helping players to develop their skills & I'm sure some others would too)
    Or a much more detailed overhaul of the help guides and wiki sites, as new players are at a disadvantage when all the information they have access to is either very brief or outdated