Changelog 0.90 - Time zone settings simplifications

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Thursday, June 4th 2020, from 12:00 pm CEST (UTC +2) to approx. 14:30 pm CEST (UTC +2)
Duration: approx. 2 1/2 hours
  • Dear players,

    We listened to your complaints about the time zone settings and considered all your suggestions and bug reports. We have finally removed the bugs and simplified the time zone settings. It is now easier to coordinate attacks within a team spread over different time zones.

    The update will take place on Tuesday, August 28th at 2:00 pm CEST. Downtime will last less than 20 minutes. Please plan your crop demands accordingly.

    Simplifications to time zone settings

    • Settings: You can now find the time settings under "Game" in the preferences window
    • We have three different time settings now:

      • Local time: Your browser time
      • Game world time: This is the same time for everyone in the game round, which makes it the easiest one to use when coordinating moves with other players; it is set by German time including summer and winter adjustments
      • UTC time zone: There is no daylight-saving hours in this time zone and it is the only time zone that also comes with a drop-down menu
    • UTC drop-down menu:

      • You can select if you want to add or subtract hours from the coordinated universal time
      • When using the option in the chat bar and switching to UTC, the settings of this menu will be used and displayed in the mouse-over
    • Time zone option:

      • You can now switch your time zone settings quickly using the option on the bottom right of the screen
      • This is designed with pro-players in mind, meaning it is disabled by default
      • Click on it to switch the setting and hover over it for more information

    Time zone bug fixes

    • No GMT: GMT is no longer available
    • Trade routes: When changing time zones, the delivery times of trades routes didn’t match the original settings anymore. This is now fixed; also when changing the time zone, the merchant schedule will be recalculated so that the resources are delivered smoothly and as expected.

    Other improvements

    • Settings: We have rearranged the setting tabs to make it more logical as to the location of various options. The language settings are now found under "Game" in the "UI" section
    • Stolen goods and tributes: The amount of inbound stolen goods and tribute resources is now displayed when hovering over the incoming movement arrow on the right of the screen.

    Check out the new interface and time zone changes and tell us what you think about them in the comments!

    Let us know in the comments,
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Dear players,

    we rolled out a background reporting bug and already had another bug fix ready to roll out as well. That is why we are using this opportunity and put it live, too.

    Training & demolishing: Sometimes, when training settlers, demolishing the residence at the same time and going offline, the settlers weren’t completely trained. Also, if the barracks or stable got destroyed while being offline and having troops in training at the same time, not all troops were trained. This bug is fixed, and you can queue reliably a demolishing and troop training at the same time now.

    Did you have these issues before as well or did it work for you anyhow?
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Did you have these issues before as well or did it work for you anyhow?

    That happened with me in a previous server
    I built the third settler and destroyed the Residence and went to sleep before the 3rd settler was trained
    I was sure that the settler's training time would end before the Residence was destroyed
    I woke up after only 3 hours of sleep
    I did not find the 3rd settler and the Residence was destroyed
    I opened a ticket
    But I was told that I had destroyed the Residence before I could train the third settler
    That made me very upset

    In that server, the help team's answers were disastrous for me

    At the beginning of the game I attacked a kingdom that was ranked higher
    than our kingdom but I could not steal victory points
    So I opened another ticket to ask why I could not steal victory points

    After 24 hours I was transferred to another section of the Help Center, and
    then our Kingdom becomed in a higher rank than that Kingdom we attacked

    Another 24 hours later the help center answered me
    The answer was that our kingdom's rank higher than that kingdom

    Then I asked an expert player in our kingdom and he answered me
    We can not steal victory points if we have the same number of victory points

    After we were at the end of the server and the wonders were opened

    I opened another ticket to the help center asking about the possibility
    of occupying the village of the wonder without destroying the building of the wonder

    The wrong answer was by the help center

    They told me that I could conquer it without destroying the building of the wonder

    This resulted in the failure of our plan to conquer the wonder and our team was forced to change the keeper of the wonder

    We were not compensated for anything
    they just sent an apology letter to me
    3 wrong answers by the support center in one server and to the same player

    Unfortunately, the support team is weak and I think the situation is disastrous for the players

    There are a lot of players who have more experience than the support team

    I suggest that the support team play Travian before they answer

    If the answers are wrong, you must compensate the players at least (maybe some gold for next server)