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  • Will there ever be a server that's not a test server, that will not include the heavily monetized currency system used? I would love a server to play on that I payed 20$ if I have to. Just to be able to play and not have to keep feeling like I need to spend money to get gold. to then get silver, to then bid on auctions, and finish things instantly, and trade with NPC traders, and buy randomized Cards that give you small bonuses, or make trades deliver instantly. I mean honestly, can we please get a server going that promotes dedication to the game. I know the current gold system is not completely P2W, but aspects of it and all of it combines makes it a fairly unlevel playing field if your not buying gold. And I buy gold. I just want a server without this. :thumbsup:

  • Hes looking for such server that is *not* a test server :D I mean, its oftentimes x3, has some not yet balanced features or ends early. Id like one myself as some sort of unique tournament-esque event 8maybe similar to the championships from legends). cant remember how to not fastsettle for instance :D

  • Sounds really good to me! Should be easy to calculate an appropriate pay-to-enter cost for a dedicated server based on the average gold spendings of a server, rather than having whales pay-to-dominate :) Some of us are willing to spend money, even though some of our pockets aren't that deep!

  • One major problem with server like this from financial perspective is the way people spend money. Almost no matter what price point you put in you will have problems with folks who would usually spend a lot more (the whales) which is usually quite large chunk of the games income and the group that likes to spend little or none at all which is usually quite large chunk of the players. A good price point will obviously mitigate such issues but the end result is most likely a very small server with relatively low income to the developers in comparison to what they could have made if they just did the standard pay as much as you want format. Registering fee is also the most punishing type of payment since you need to have both the money and the will to play the entire server and you might feel like you got ripped off if you spawn next to some hostile premade and get rekt or if your life situation changes and you can't play the entire round.

    I would like a server like that myself but not sure if I would play on it as it would be big call to make on one day for me at least.

  • The first problem (10% of the playerbase pays for 90% of the income) is the big one here. I don't see how to solve that, considering that some whales pay 100$ per item or more bought in the auction. If the entry fee is 10$ you'd need 10 new players per item to compensate just for the loss of income on auction items and that's just the start of it...that's not happening. The only way the devs might do something like this, is as a special server or something like that.

    The second problem (registering fee) could perhaps be solved by giving back some % of the fee if you've only played for a % of the days in the game round.

  • Hello players,

    great that you are considering the up and downsides. Besides the money issue and that we have to at least get even with our server costs, the main issue from our side would be the low amount of players.

    Who would you want to farm if every player will stay active because they already paid for the whole round?

    As @Curtain already mentioned, it would be a very small round to begin with. We are not Fortnite or PUBG, our game rounds last for a couple of months. The balance would break without enough players.

    @Rastaa#US there are players who don't spend more than 20 bugs per round and they are within the top ranks of game rounds. Most of them play as a team with the same dual, though.

    Community Communications Manager teuton-strong

  • Low amount of players? Not as a special server. As a special server, everyone would want to join. It would be a much bigger server than any of the ones that start these days. Also, the game isn't just about farming is it? :P And you can still force active people into being farms.

  • As a big gold user I would play this server.

    I don't know how much of the low/no gold users would play, but maybe the promise of a level playing field would bring more of the ones that don't really contribute to play.

    This idea isn't new though and I know it's been knocked back loads of times before (even pre-TK).

    And Ammanurt is right, the best farms are active players anyway :)

  • as a mediocre player who uses gold, who completes servers mainly because of the excellent team i play with and also someone who has a slight addiction to changing gold to silver for outbidding others on the auction i would love a server like this: I would know exactly what i was going to spend and It would force me to become a better player .