How to give up being a king after kingdoms union

  • - Many players get involved in the union with a king or a Vking and after the union one of them leaves the game
    And then the Kingdom loses the treasury slot of that King/VKing

    and loses the progress of the Kingdom and its expansion as a result

    so The Kingdom loses the ability to compete for the top positions
    It is therefore better to join a larger kingdom or union with another kingdom
    But this is not possible because of the laws of the Kingdoms Union

    - Or when the King and the VKing want to join one of the larger kingdoms
    So that the Dukes and the rest of the governors can leave the Kingdom and join simply
    But the king and his VKing remain imprisoned in that kingdom

    Here is the solution but it needs some courage and sacrifice

    We have tried this trick in the World Server com4 and succeeded 100%

    How to give up being a king after kingdoms union

    to join another kingdom (without losing your "troops , villages and treasures")

    1- All players in your kingdom have to leave the kingdom and join the Kingdom you want to join

    2- You have to transfer all treasures from your treasury to the Kingdom you wish to join

    3- You have to secure your army in the village of another active player or in the wonder of the world if your troops are defensive

    4- It is best if your villages within the borders of the new Kingdom so that your comrades can defend its if someone tries to attack you and So the king of the new kingdom can send you an invitation after you give up being a king

    (This can be achieved when one of the kings or dukes in the new kingdom activates the treasury in your area)

    5- Deactivate all your treasuries

    6- Close the game and do not open your account for 7 days

    (you can open the accounts of the players you are sitter them so you can see your villages when it's color becomes gray)

    7- when the color of your village becomes gray, You will be isolated from being a king/VKing and the kingdom will be deleted if the both (king/VKing) became gray

    8- You have to be ready when the color of your village becomes gray to open your account before players start attacking you

    9- Join the new kingdom as a governor or a duke

    The best time to do that is when the wonders of the world are opened so you can set trade routes and send your resources to the wonder
    and This must be done before the wonder reaches level 50 at least seven days
    because the kingdoms can't send invitation after the wonders levels become 50

    Certainly there will be some losses but it is worth the experience