Tueton cranny dip, and sack item plunder bonus mechanics?

  • Hey guys.

    I'm just trying to understand this mechanic a little better.

    How does the plunder bonus mechanic work against things like robber hideouts and robber camps?
    Can you plunder bonus resources on top of what the camp says it has? Like do the camps have hidden cranny or something?

    Eg: camp has 1000 resources left, if you plunder it with teuton clubbies can you get that extra 20% res on top of the 1000? So 1200 res?

    Also, does the plunder sack item work the same as the teuton passive tribe bonus? Does it cranny dip, or generate extra resources?
    If the latter, does this item generate more resources when raiding and attacking robber camps and hideouts?
    Eg: 18% plunder bonus sack, the camp has 1000 resources, you attack with your hero and troops, and get 1180 resources instead of 1000?