on and off vacation

  • Yet another strategy:

    why not go on and off vacation like 1 day at vaca, 1 day with double income and 1 day waiting for next vacation to start.
    This way its possible to add 33% to hero production since on vacation days you just set him to produce crop and on off days to produce other res(double income is affecting hero production too)
    Another upside is that you can build up smithy upgrades meanwhile vaca and come out with bigger barracks lvl.
    Would be smart to build crops meanwhile vacation and res meanwhile out of vacation and change oasises to most crop while under vacation and let other have more res for while.Also smart to train up hero ASAP to make his income matter more on this bonus income.

    ..Actually this could be made into an alliance wide tactic where ppl go under and our of vacation taking turns which makes lesser amount of targets to defend and the collective sum of the little wins I described before would accumulate

    there is a kind of downside to balance aswell..the fact that robbers can be in lower amounts and have less resource little less tributeaswell, but at the same time they dont attack you so you can technically chill more and focus res on vacation time to developing village instead and more easily train your attack to kill the robbers(id recommend just enough to siege to have at all times)
    When out of vaca then robbers appear in normal numbers again so you can play with that aswell if you want to..

    One cool thing is to chief natar while uncer vacation aswell..totally possible ;)

    All in all..I rly love this feature..helps alot
    Also love this new reloaction system..I think the best thing is it lets all sorts of players rly gamify the system and try different ways of gameplay out finding the best postion or at least make yourself a good starting spot to reap the most oasis bonus and tribute benefit while concentrating with good chances to contend for some dream cropper you might rly want.

    It seems some players are able to change location with 900something pop..i get a feeling he goes from king to king killing of the king then ..

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  • Yes it is a good strategy :thumbsup:
    But there are 2 problems

    1- that you will not be able to raid during the vacation time
    Some players do not rely on producing fields, but rely on the resources coming from raiding
    Especially those you see in the list of Robbers of the week
    2- the kings and dukes will not be able to use it if they have a big treasury because the treasures will not be able to produce any VPs during the vacation

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  • someone near me did this. kurat all i see from you in the forum is scummy and low tier trash strategies, maybe put ur brain to good use and think of a way to win without being a trash tier player

  • trash for someone gold to others

    ..and for some reason i keep holding key positions over the games so take what you want from it

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