Rally point - set number of waves

  • Hello all,
    Would it be possible to create a feature:
    Set number of attacks.
    User will set troop count and on the next window he will set number of attacks. I know that it is possible to do it manually by clicking on "+" sign at the top, but if you are doing large ops or cata ops it might be helpful not to have like 14 tabs in RP opened.

  • I think the point was to make it so you can't have a large amount of waves on the same second. However, they could just add a second delay after every 3/4 or whatever they want.

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  • And how would you want to defend yourself from catapulting your village down when there are 20 waves from one person on the way? You can now send some defense between waves and you at least have a chance. If it was after 1 sec as some template, I would be in.

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  • I don't think the OP is suggesting to change how the wave mechanics work, rather just to automate the creation of identical waves.
    I would say it's cool feature and would be nice if it was added but pretty low priority upgrade over some other more urgently needed convenience upgrades.

  • Curtain is right.
    I did not mean to be able to sent all attacks on 1 second precisely.
    The waves mechanics should stay the same ( X < 8 hours - 1 wave. 8 < X <12 - 3 waves on the same second... or how is it now).