Robber Hideouts

  • Hello @godzilla_COM
    what do you mean by 'the same hideouts' - same type and number of troops/resources/treasures? If this had happened this was purely by coincidence(more likely to occur during the first 10 hideouts on a server as the troops are fixed amount)

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  • I mean the robber hideouts that usually only appear to one player i.e. Robber hide our 1 and 2 , I noticed that myself and a player I sit have had the same exact robber hideout locations at the same time. In the last 4 com3 servers that has not happened. Is this a new change to stop players from hiding troops while they are offline

  • Is it actually the same camp or rather (what id guess) coincidentally located at the same spot? check if hes got different troops and rewards in it. and if you clear yours his should still be filled.

  • both have different troop counts , however if i clear mine and leave at least 1 res it stays open so i can hide troops there during attacks , but when i did that he cleared his robber hideout and killed my troops that were there . Last server same player was in same vacinity from me and we never shared a robber hideout once in the entire server ( i sit other player )

  • Screenshot by Lightshot square 24/24 from Helmut Ready account robbers hideout

    Screenshot by Lightshot square 24/34 from Aznag acct robber hideout

    my question is if this is a new feature. because if he clears the troops that are in his robber HIDEOUT then he kills whatever troops i have stored there and vice versa, this has not happened before in last 3 com3 servers as we are always in the same 7x7 area. if these are supposed to be unique to a single player how can we share one and why can he kill my troops or is this just a fix for a mistake that you could rein troops there