First Relocation

  • Hello, I am a new player. I got settled right next to an ally of the Rank #1 Kingdom in my server. But I don't want to join that Kingdom. Too many people.

    I was wondering if a King can send me an invite to resettle my city somewhere near him.

    I already have the notification generated by the game and two kings to choose from.

    Like that one. But one of those kingdom is JUST formed. And the other belongs to a non-english speaker.

    So... my question. How does one get resettled near a Kingdom by being invited in the start of the game?

  • Short answer you can't the relocation system is random (until the next game version at least they are making some changes then)
    Basically it offers you a selection of two kings with available space from certain population category based on your pop, the options should refresh daily but might be the same of course the next days as well. Especially as you grow you will probably get different bigger kingdoms as options. The process is random and you might never get any particular option to pop up. On the flip side if you like one location you can simply relocate there and then look for relocation again from the new position there is no obligation to actually join the king you are relocating to.

    Now if you really want to pick a kingdom what you need to do is settle inside their borders. Basically what you do is send your second and further villages to the desired kingdom and then eventually either destroy or perhaps just leave your starter where it is depending on the distance to the desired area.