How to play well as Gaul or as Roman in defense

  • I read some posts here and I have to argue that I wrote this post mostly for beginners to learn basic things very well at the beginning. But not for offense where mostly experience can give a large start.

    I cannot write all details while a topic has its limits of letters and not all details could be wrote here.

    First, when you're new and you start on a server where you don't know anyone it could be difficult to know who to trust or how to avoid attacks. While a name is new in game that player could be seen as a potential farm while no one knew or seen him till then. So, for a beginner it is hard to know also which kingdom is better or which king is excellent in game or even trustful. I can assure you that at early beginning the raids are frequently against many players.

    Yes, to be active is a must, but that is not enough when you start alone, even with few friends (family or just friends), to build a strong defense is from the first step. Of course, most of all (experienced) players know that not all beginners are so worth while most of all going inactive and because those are potential "farms" for raids their interests are to keep them defenseless.

    I don't say to build only crannies in village, no. As I said, those who really want to play have to ensure their defense, both in buildings and troops.

    As example, when I started on a server I was attacked since the first days and a wall, a hidden treasury (low level, yes) and at least some crannies helped me to keep my resources in safe. If you don't play with a credit card (for using gold at upgrades), then you need crannies, otherwise your warehouse will be empty after every amount of attacks and raids. Ask yourself, can you be non-stop online?

    Every player pay tributes to a king or duke and only a Hidden treasury can avoid raiders from getting resources at the beginning, even if raiders don't get from your warehouse protected with crannies. After you grow up your villages you will no longer need crannies and hidden treasury. Remember, as long as an aggressor get resources from you, he will not stop attacking.

    Upgrading resources in villages is very important, but without troops to defend that could be like an useless work, for beginners the most while the experienced ones knows that. Troops takes time in training and for that you need a Barrack growing closely to level 10 in all villages.

    I told how to get a 2nd village in the first days without to go over 200 population, but Beginner Protection lasts only 7 days. You can get even up to 5 villages slowly using troops in raids on those gray inactive (scout them first or ask your team for help) not only waiting from resource fields. While your 1st village is mixed in troops you can use Swordmen in raids/attacks since the first days for to get resources from others (inactive players are a common source to get more resources in game).

    Also, use Academy and Smithy for research on troops. Better the troops, better the defense. After you did research in Smithy at maximum on the most important troops you need, you can demolish that building. Same with Academy when no longer needed for buildings and troops.

    Playing as Gaul or as Roman you have an advantage in defense using only infantry.

    As example, Phalanxes have same characteristics as Druidriders have in defense as Gaul. The only difference is that horses travel faster and using more population. 1 Druid = 2 Phal at same deff points. Haeduans are harder to get for beginners while they're so expensive.

    Using 9 crops valleys for villages/cities and 2-3 crop oasis could be a good choice for more troops. At the same time sending troops in reinforcements to your allies gives you more space available for troops. And every 9c will need an additional village close for resources in time.

    I didn't said here how to play on getting a wonder, while that action depend on the decisions of the kingdom leaders. I didn't say how to play offensive or how to build "hammer" villages.

    While playing on a server after I learned some experience, I had up to 8 villages well developed before of that the wonders starting as available to conquest.

    About Market I didn't said much. A market at high level is useful and a Trade Office in addition for a higher amount of resources sending to other villages or in trades.

  • Some food for thought maybe ...... as I still disagree with a lot of what you wrote & as a really experienced "pure def player" I feel the need to reply

    Teutons are just as good in def as Gauls and much cheaper than Romans. In fact apart from praetorians & their strong early game wall .... Romans are not good def accounts at all, their real strength lies in their Off troop abilities, so if your guide is aimed at beginners then probably not good that they start as Roman at all

    The most important element to this game is building troops, but usually not in week one whilst you are in Beginners protection, should use your low pop to find the right kingdom (especially with the new menhir feature being introduced) also whilst no one can attack you, you should be working on getting 3 settlers asap ready for your 2nd village, they are much harder to achieve once your village is susceptible to being attacked (and make sure you wear your chicken boots until you have sent them if you are near the end of BP or getting close to 200 pop)

    In the early days even the smallest amount of resources is really valuable and so you must spend them as wisely as possible, to build crannies, treasuries, walls, troops etc is really just slowing down your progress. if you are active enough, you should be easy able to avoid becoming a farm. working towards your 2nd village & then working on developing your resources is a much better investment long-term. you can easily whip up a cranny or 2 if you find you start to incur a lot of attacks once your BP ends, but hopefully by then you should have decent pop (from fields) and be part of a kingdom that will offer you some protection, compared to the easy pickings from those lonely low pop villages on the map.

    Playing as Gaul or as Roman you have an advantage in defense using only infantry.

    As example, Phalanxes have same characteristics as Druidriders have in defense as Gaul. The only difference is that horses travel faster and using more population. 1 Druid = 2 Phal at same deff points. Haeduans are harder to get for beginners while they're so expensive.

    I am scratching my head a little at how wrong the logic in this is.....

    You build both infantry & cavalry def to make your army build faster & so have double the troops in half the time than just queuing the barracks

    You build Druids because they are much better at defending against infantry attacks & as expensive as haeduans are, once you can afford them you really should invest in them in one village, as they are excellent at defending against Cavalry and also have enough fire power to deal with your hideouts and not make a Def player into an Off player (by building swords and TTs) the only time a def player should build TTs is if they are really actively farming.

    also the combined strength of phalanx/druids/haeduans gives a really good balance for defending against attacking armies of mixed inf/cav troops

    & lastly I still cannot understand why you wouldn't include "Teuton def spears and paladins" in this guide either.

  • As wiki is introducing about this game, good in defense are Gauls. And Gauls are recommended for those with less time.

    Romans are in the middle on the road between defense and offense. Their troops are more expensive (that's why I recommend starting with infantry), however also a good start.

    Teutons are most used in offense by "non-stop" players while they don't have a well defense buildings like Gauls do. And no one mentioned a guide on how to use Teutons as defense player. Their advantage is that they can build more troops. However, it is easier to destroy the defense of a Teuton who don't know to play (yep, good idea).

    In my guide I wanted to attract attention to some details which are not used generally by beginners.

    "In theory, that should work". Maybe. Use simulator too, practice, calculate and compare the effects.

    Yes, you can train Druidriders in same time as training Phalanxes for a faster time. I didn't said that you don't have to use cavalry.

    However, a full "hammer attack" could kill a large amount of troops.

    Using simulator, I concluded how it could be more efficient to use troops in defense and to kill a lot more of the attacking army while defending. While you're at home, not far away in distance.

  • To make a thread and only include 2/3rds of the "def troop" options seems a little unfinished though, you have to agree.

    Also for anyone reading this post DONT TRUST WIKI a lot of it is outdated and wrong info for the changes that have been made to the game, it badly needs an overhaul (for anyone wanting to see an example of this, see what wiki says about "Dukes" or "Alliances")

    A few of us played "teuton def" and been very successful with them, (top deffers, top farmers, top population etc) and we have decided they are one of the strongest accounts you can have, especially if you are a treasury holder (but it's all spoilers, so I will leave it there) :D