Android APP Changlog v1.2.19

  • Dear players,

    we have released the new Android APP version 1.2.19 this morning. Go to the Google PlayStore and update your Travian Kingdoms APP. This version focuses mostly on preparations for the Menhir era and optimizing playing on Night truce rounds.


    • Default attack type: To align with the browser version of Travian Kingdoms, we removed the default attack type.
    • Menhir era: We are now also supporting the new menhir feature you can currently test on the mltest round

      • The invitation: If you got invited by a king to relocate to their kingdom, you will see the relocation invitation now
      • The menhir: On reserved map tiles, you will see a magical menhir to show you that this field is occupied.
      • The report: After a successful relocation, you will see the relocation report with the amount of your gathered piles of resources.
      • Stackable items:

        • The stackable items are shown in the hero inventory
        • You can use these items but must split or merge them in the browser for now
        • We display a warning if your warehouse would overflow
    • Night Truce Rounds: We implemented several adjustments to optimize the playing on Night Truce rounds:

      • Image: We now display the Night Truce image in the game round list on Android
      • Attack restriction: We display now more information when trying to set up an attack within the Night Truce time
      • No default reinforcement: Since we got rid of the default attack types in general, there won’t be a change of attack type after the attack restriction message
    • Google+ login: The login via Google+ only works with granting us access to your contact list. We will say so in the Error message now, too.

    Bug fixes:

    • Crop amount of stolen goods: The amount of crop you will get when selling stolen goods within the kingdom borders will now be displayed correctly.
    • Arrival time of stolen goods: There was no option to see the time stamp to see how long it would take for stolen goods to arrive before selling them. Now, you will see it when clicking on a stolen good in the hero inventory.
    • Link sharing in the chat: We adjusted the mobile chat so that only internal links are working. We had to do this because of legal requirements.
    • Book of wisdom: When freeing the attribute points via a book of wisdom, these free points are now displayed correctly, and all values are set to zero.

    Are you looking forward to the menhir feature? On which platform do you play more often: browser or mobile? Did you also wait for the crop amount bug to be fixed the most?

    Let us know in the comments,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • i mainly use mobile app.....pls i have one more suggestion to make....if possible amend it too

    1. the map does not work properly, it takes hell lot of time to open and then if i try to settle my next village or try to send an attack on particular village its like i am trying to climb mt. Everest. it not only takes my time but is real difficult to settle...its nearly impossible for me

  • few more things..

    1. why cant we play the card game on app pls make that too possible

    2. sometimes there is lot of chats in the chat section , the problem is we cannot see the previous messages or a day before messages in the chats pls make that available too

  • Hello @jaishree

    Thank you for sharing your game improvement ideas.

    The Card game is not in the APP because it is a kind of loot box and there are certain restrictions to implementing loot boxes into APPs. We have heard this wish from more players already and we are aware that players want it integrated. We are currently not working on this wish, though.

    How many messages are shown in the chats is connected to the loading time of the chat in the app. We are already showing more messages in the App Chat than in the browser version and still, I can relate to what you mean. I put your wish on our improvement board for both, the APP AND the browser chat.

    We are currently working on improving the mobile map. This is a bigger project, though, that will take a while until we can release anything there.

    Are you looking forward to the menhir era or do you already play on mltest?

    kind regards,


    bbash-tada Community Communications Manager bbash-partyhat

  • Saludos.
    es muy buen proyecto, pueden hacer la APP con menos exigencias graficas.
    tengo un google pixel xl, android 9.
    experimento problemas con el mapa, para seleccionar un area, tambien la app esta esta muy lenta.
    Estoy probando App Beta.
    muchas gracias.

  • thanx @BridgetB

    for considering what i posted....

    about the chat thing well i was talking about the app. the thing is suppose i opened my account after an hour or so and there is lot of talking in the game or discussion about random deff or off.....(now read carefully what i mean to say)

    if suppose there have been 25 to 50 comments or say even just 30 comments in a particular group or an individual conversation under the chat section..
    i can only see just recent or the last few comments thats it i cant read the previous 20 to 30 comments ...(like you have option of reading old message in browser version or the option of scrolling up this is not available in the app version)
    this way i dont know what the discussion was all about or what a person is trying to say to me..

    for all that i need to go and open my laptop which is not possible for me whole the action hampers i cant take action on time my game is hampered.

  • oh ...and about your question you asked well i opened the account in new test but i had some bug problem and i did report about that...

    my resources were disappearing on their own every second there was a message of building started and next second building finished.
    so someone told me if i were using mobile app i said yes and i then came to know app are not working properly so i had to delete my account on that server

  • Amazing!
    Can you adjust also some of these things.. ?
    - Card game
    - Change home to the hero
    - Messages in the map, you can't see marked squares
    - Thief's camps, in the apk you can't see how many attacks they recieve from allies
    - Chat, you can see only last messages and not the first. Sometimes if i open chat, all apk crashes
    - Layout of village fields: if i change village, there will remain the layout of the first village (4446) even if fields are different (9c, 15c, 7c...)
    - Add server time
    - Add the possibility to make more than one attack in the same screen (same second attacks)