iOS APP Changelog v1.4-0

  • Dear players,

    we are currently releasing the new iOS APP version 1.4-0. You will find the Update within the next days in the App Store. This version focuses mostly on preparations for the Menhir era and optimization for iOS 12.

    Menhir era: We are now also supporting the new menhir feature you can currently test on the mltest round

    • The invitation: If you got invited by a king to relocate to their kingdom, you will see the relocation invitation now
    • The menhir: On reserved map tiles, you will see a magical menhir to show you that this field is occupied.
    • The report: After a successful relocation, you will see the relocation report with the amount of your gathered piles of resources.
    • Stackable items:

      • The stackable items are shown in the hero inventory
      • You can use these items, but must split or merge them in the browser for now
      • We display a warning if your warehouse would overflow when using these piles

    iOS 12 fixes:

    • Tutorial: A yellow pointer was in the wrong position and lead to players being stuck in the Tutorial. This is fixed now.
    • Crash fix: When swiping to the Gold/Silver exchange, the APP crashed. This is fixed now.

    Are you looking forward to the menhir feature? On which platform do you play more often: browser or mobile? Did you already update to iOS 12?

    Let us know in the comments,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • I am glad to see there is some updates coming for the game removing some of the issues with the map and relocation. Also very happy to see changes made to stabilize and remove bugs for the iOS app as it has been harder to play since iOS12.

    Might it be possible to know on beforehand to not download the next update until the app is up to date? Like iOS 12 to make sure Travian app stability is not compromised?

  • There are several ingame problems most of the users are still facing.
    let me list of them:
    - attack reports cannot be seen in mobile version
    pls see the link: Screenshot by Lightshot
    - we cannot scroll down and tap on upgarde button once we would like to upgrade a building or ress feild more than once
    - not always but sometimes, we cannot tap and guarentee the ressource for the qued feilds.. its being untappable...

    Awaiting your further fixes regarding above mentioned problems

  • we also can't play the card game on app. Auction house is unpleasing -the least to say-

    @BridgetB has already explained some techncal details regarding this isuue... we all want to play card games, however for some technical inabilities, it will not be possible for us to play card games on mobile version. it's not that travian team didnt want to spend resource on this but much more techniciality of mobile apps.

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