Halloween contest

  • Dear players,
    Halloween is right around the corner and as you’ve guessed it, this means that it’s also time for this year’s Halloween contest!

    As we all well know, all tribes in Travian Kingdoms are always up for a celebration and this year, too, they’re eagerly waiting for Halloween. The king summoned several of his subordinates and ordered them to start with the organization of a Halloween party for the whole kingdom. Just after he dismissed them, the patrol guards brought 3 scouts they caught wandering inside your territory – a Gallic Pathfinder, a Teuton Scout and a Roman Equites Legati.

    All three of them claim to have been sent by one of your dukes to inform you that nearby robbers are plotting to rob one of your three treasuries while everyone is celebrating! However, you are certain that only one of them is telling the truth and the other 2 are actually robbers in disguise. Hence, only one of the following statements can be true and two of them must be false:

    1. The Pathfinder says that the robbers will attack treasury number 1.
    2. The Equites Legati says that they won’t attack treasury number 2.
    3. The Scout says that what he knows for sure is that there won’t be an attack on treasury number 1.

    Which scout is telling the truth and which treasury will be attacked? Tell us your answer in a comment. Your answer will be hidden until the end of the contest.


    • Only 1 statement can be true, the other 2 are false
    • The contest starts on 31.10 and ends on 04.11 at midnight CET.
    • You can only participate once by commenting this thread


    • 4 lucky winners will receive 2 50 Gold voucher codes each = 100 Gold
    • 8 lucky winners will receive 2 25 Gold voucher codes each = 50 Gold
    • We will send the voucher codes to the winners via PM in the forum

    The voucher codes are valid until the end of 2018.

    Due to the upcoming forum maintenance, we will announce the winners and give out the voucher codes on November 9th.

    Enjoy this contest and have fun playing,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • L'esploratore che ha ragione è il n.3
    perchè la tesoreria n.1 non viene attaccata, mentre la tesoreria 2 si

    di conseguenza

    esploratore n.1 dice il falso ----> la tesoreria n.1 non viene attaccata
    esploratore n.2 dice il falso ----> la tesoreria n.2 viene attaccata
    esploratore n.3 dice il vero -----> la tesoreria n.1 non viene attaccata

  • The Teuton Scout says the truth, so the number 3.

    Here's my reasoning behind the answer:

    1. Pathfinder is lying because if he's telling the truth, the EL would be lying and robbers would attack treasury 1 and 2 which is false as stated in the text.
    2. if the EL is telling the truth, the Scout could also tell the truth. If we assume the EL is lying then the Scout is telling the truth.
    3. if the scout is telling the truth, the EL could also tell the truth. If we assume the scout is lying though, then Pathfinder would be telling the truth but we already proved Pathfinder is lying so Scout IS TELLING THE TRUTH.
    4. Since the text clearly states that only one statement is true then the EL is lying as well

    harle, IT2n