[How To] Speedsettling on steroids

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    Note: My fellow german players can read this thread in german aswell: [How To] Schnellsiedeln 2.0

    yesterday started the first 1x speed server with the new menhir feature. This update offers, next to the reworked relocation feature, a possibility to settle even quicker than before. Theoretically the following settle times are possible:
    Roman ...... 12:35
    Gaul ....... 11:15
    Teuton ..... 13:55
    In my test it took me 11 hours and 25 minutes for the settlers and culture points to be settle ready (as gaul).

    Background: Using menhirs correctly enables you to cash in the quest rewards for building resource fields, without effectively building them: You build them, cash in and relocate. The relocation destroys the fields, but restores most of the invested resources. If you build the fields to level three, you will get (exactly) 24k resources back. That's enough to improve the "old" speed settling method by the spawn time of a few robber hideouts.

    The core of the improvement is, like I teased, to build the resource fields to level three and demolish them using relocation afterwards as soon as you need the resources. In the meantime they even produce some resources. Apart from this you keep a similiar building order like previously using the "old" speed settling, but you have to change the order of the buildings a bit, more precisely, you should build residence level one as soon as you finished your resource fields and then continue with barracks 3, academy 5 and residence 5, then you relocate. You can build barracks & academy after relocating aswell, doesn't really matter.
    After a successful relocation, you train three settlers (you will have enough resources, even as roman) and demolish your residence (time it, such that it finishes a few seconds or minutes after the last settler has been trained). Immediately after the relocation your old robber hideouts will be destroyed and new ones spawn immediately. Clear them asap during the settler training / residence demolishion. While you wait, upgrade warehouse & granary by one level each (residence's rubble will overflow otherwise). Upgrade your academy to level 10 then (using residence's rubble), gain some bonus resources using the workshop trick and construct a town hall then. Now only the small party and, to hold enough crop for it, granary level 8 is required. Upgrade it to level 8 and demolish everything in your village except warehouse, granary, rally point and town hall then (especially to be destructed: main building, academy, barracks, workshop).
    As a gaul this should be enough to settle, as a teuton or roman you will maybe need another robber hideout, but it'll spawn soon, if it didn't already anyway. If you're only a few resources short you can also train two base units to trigger the 5 unit quest (settlers count, after all) and/or change your hero production to non-crop in order to let some troops starve (they give 100 crop per unit after all if you npc trade the crop away immediately after their death, just watch out that your settler's don't starve aswell).

    tl;dr: There exists a building order with which you can settle without having to wait for anything except residence's building/demolishing/dismantling time and settler's training time. You're supposed to clear robber hideouts asap and do adventures while your hero doesn't clear hideouts. Also do those free quests like annect oasis, rename village, and so on. Dismantle rubble and cash in quests as soon as needed.

    • All croplands 2
    • Warehouse 2
    • Granary 1
    • All croplands 3
    • All other fields 1
    • One wood, clay and iron 2
    • Warehouse 3
    • Granary 3
    • All fields 2
    • All fields 3
    • Main building 5
    • Embassy, cranny, marketplace je 1
    • Residence 1
    • Warehouse 6
    • Granary 5
    • Barracks 3
    • Academy 5
    • Residence 5
    • Relocate using a menhir
    • Train 3 settlers
    • Main building 10
    • Demolish residence and time it, such that it's finished right after the third settler
      This takes 04:15:00
    • Warehouse 7
    • Granary 6
    • (Dismantle rubble now, not before - this takes 0:33:43)
    • Academy 10
    • Workshop 1
    • Town hall 1
    • Demolish academy
    • Demolish workshop
    • Demolish barracks
    • Granary 8
    • Celebrate small party

    If you are a roman or a teuton, you will maybe need a fifth hideout in the end. This depends on your adventure luck with resources and how well you could clear your first two hideouts before relocating. I tested this as a gaul and had plenty of resource sources left, namely main building rubble and the five troop quest (which is a two troop quest, as settlers do count). So it probably works out for the more expensive roman/teuton settlers aswell, but the hideout will likely spawn anyway in the meanwhile, so no problem either way.

    One last note: Plus account is required for this, as you have to upgrade your warehouse & granary higher otherwise.

    Best regards,

    Speed settling guide by @Magus, on which this is based: Governor. Second village in 24 hours

    Thanks to @Wolvefreyka for providing residence demolish & rubble dismantle times.

  • Did it quite easily but took me 18 hours as a teuton i went to sleep in between , first clear camps, relocate, clear camps again, relocate clear camps again than i relocated 1 more and camps didn't spawn. U will have more than enough resources

  • After doing this method multiple times I still have one question - am I meant to completely clear the hideouts of all reso before a relocation or just kill the units and take the stolen goods?

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  • Shouldn't matter. You have enough resources I guess, so wasting a few doesn't matter. But since you wait for residence to finish anyway, you can just clear it until residence is finished and then "waste" the remainder. Relocating should give you almost instantly new robber hideouts, by the way.

  • alright thanks for the help

    Templars now recruiting for current and future servers! If you are an experienced, english speaking player looking for a team to have fun and make friends with message me here or on discord at Crioliix#6146