[How To] Speedsettling on steroids

  • depends on where your starter and your newfound village are. if they are like right next to each other or your starter is generally in a decent position why would you demolish it fully? yes its pretty gutted but founding a new one off of your 2nd village takes at least 60ish k for the residence + another 60ish k for the settlers you could instead put into something else. if its 6h away or in enemy territory you might indeed want to get it gone

  • I don't understand how to generate the cp that fast. I followed the steps pretty closely and running a celebration gets you 500 of the 1000 cp you need. Where are you guys getting the other 500 in just a few hours?

    You get cp from:
    a) 800 from "construct townhall" quest
    b) some tiny amount from the actual celebration
    c) 500 from doing the "small celebration" quest

  • If you're new to the game, I wouldn't recommend this strategy. You sacrifice a lot and if you don't know what you do, you'll kinda kill your economy with this. If you're willing to buy gold for a npc trade every now and then, you use this method to get a good 15c (good in terms of high crop oasis bonus) and focus resource fields after the settlement to get your eco going. You may want to go for wood, clay and iron to level 5 in the 15c for the quest resources, but I didn't calculate this through though. Afterwards you basically develop your villages as normal.

  • what to do first village ?

    You have options. You could destroy it and build a "first" village closer to your second. This is ideal because you have less distance and trade times between your first two villages.

    Regardless, you'll want to focus on economy as Be2 mentioned. This means building resource fields, crannies if needed to protect your resources, and troops to do raiding/defend. There's no magic formula for this process, that's why writing a guide is more difficult.

    Many people get a cropper with their second and focus on building wheat fields and npcing. This is beneficial because wheat fields are cheaper and build a larger bonus with a 50% crop bonus. If you are active, while doing this, keep horses building to send on raids.

    if you are not buying gold, there is no reason to speed settle. You should not be concerned with getting a nice cropper. Instead, focus on building your first village's economy, follow the quests, and settle close to your first. You can use menhir to join a kingdom.

  • You should also finish the 25 troop quest, at least when you Uwe Gold, for Romans is a - off 500 resources, i only Play on x3 Servers and it helps a lot with raiding robbers.

    If you can Carry 350 or 1350 is a big Deal in time of Speed.

    ofc if you destroy the village the troops are gone but its Saving Good time if you want to get all resources from robbers

  • If you want to have a really nice cropper relocating is still key. The bonus respawn was a nice little push but is not really needed. Didn't test it out yet though, so if you encounter any problems feel free to put another post here.