Three Dragons Guide to a strong start

  • Hi Guys and Gals,

    I'm sure some of you are familiar with the classic

    build crop fields to 3 rush the residence and grab a cropper as fast as you can; deconstruct your starter village then sit in BP as long as possible strategy.

    Its a very successful strategy used by many however I have a different approach.

    Some Key notes to remember about the strategy I will outline is

    • You will have a larger resource base in the same amount of time as these "cropper rushers"
    • You can still grab those croppers before most, realistically you will get a 9 cropper
    • You will get out of BP faster and with a larger army

    So In my guide I will not discuss every step by step of how you build the village but I will just talk about the differences in my strategy.

    I will rush crop fields and resource fields all to level 3 as fast as possible and cash in their corresponding quests

    Once I have everything at 3 I will then begin rushing my second village,

    • I too will build the residence to 5 use the quest to reach 10.
    • build 3 settlers as fast as possible.
    • deconstruct the residence and cash in that resources to hold a celebration.

    Because I built my resource fields all to 3 and no further, I will be reaching that race to 3 settlers later then the people planning on deconstructing their starter.

    So the Key difference in my starting strategy is I WILL NOT DESTROY MY STARTER

    Once I have realistically settled that 9 cropper I will change my strategy again.


    This is essential, because you want to now delay reaching 200 between your 2 villages as long as possible.
    If you were smart you would have only built 5 additional troops for the quest and be sitting at 13 troops + hero when you settled your second village.
    Beginners protection is now your best friend because you are easy farm otherwise.
    I start building spears, phalanx or prats in my main village depending on my faction. Since you are not deconstructing your starter, you will be dangerously close to surpassing 200 pop right off the bat.

    Here are some key note tricks to suppressing your population but still being productive, as you build your army.

    • Crop fields give no population until after level 5
    • A wall up to level 4 gives no population

    All of your investments should thus be into building crop fields to 5 in both your villages while building defensive troops in only your main town,
    on a side note you'll want to build a level 1 market place and setup a trade route to your main town to move the resources it produces out.
    All the while you should be building your army. The size of your army exiting Beginners protection should be very large because you have a nice fat resource base between your 2 villages. I usually exit on day 4 or 5 depending on how a feel about my neighbors.

    I fully suggest waiting until you have an army numbering around 100 defensive troops with hero depending on your environment.

    Once you leave beginners prot your going to want to build a cranny in your cropper and enough trade route so that they can never loot any crops from it.

    You never defend your cropper. It is just a placeholder If they can't loot anything from it, its just a fancy waste of time to them. because they do not have catta.

    By day 4 or 5 my 9 cropper will be just as developed as a deconstruct rusher, I will have a larger army, and I will have a second village with all fields at 3.

    You will not be top of the population rankings because only bad people think that matters.

  • But what's the point of a def army in the early game? Like you said, just spend your resources and save troops & hero if attacks occur. No need for def. You'd be better if you just build your production normally after settling (maybe crop to 5 in starters for quest reward before), if you fall out of beginner's protection, who cares. Like you said, no cats = no danger. But that would be just the normal trivial strategy?

  • people breaking out of beginners protection with no army or wearing chicken boots rather are easy pickings, they are what most people thrive on, We all go to sleep we all look away from our compu from time to time

    You don't nessesarily have to build a defensive army, I think my point was you should sit in beginners prot for a bit to have some kind of army coming out the gates

  • We all go to sleep we all look away from our compu from time to time

    Don't say that, you don't know me, lol.

    Seriously: Well, I know what most players attempt to do, but still ... giving away so much mid- and lategame power for having it easier to stay not a farm in the early game just isn't right. If you insist in training def before coming out of bp, you can do so with those starter-demolish-strategies aswell. Rush a 15c, build tons of prouduction using the (not-already-done) resource field quests, level the resource fields in start village meanwhile and boom, a day or two into the game and same production with easily enough time to train def. Or add a sitter / dual to save resources during the night. :D

  • decent starter guide for most players. unfortunately we have lots of "start guides".
    Would like to see where you go next.

    I find most players are actually reasonable in the first few days, but fail anything thereafter.

  • Your title suggests that this is for a strong start, but it is honestly a compromise replacement for those that know they won't put in the effort required for a strong start.

  • I have to disagree with the logic of your guide, having a good "Cropper Capital" is much more priority on day one than having L3 res fields and staying under 200 pop, you basically sacrifice a day by going the suicide route (you can even keep your spawn village if it's close enough to where your designated cropper is & your chosen kingdom)

    the purpose of the other guides is to have your villages close to each other, the suicide settle is to give you the CP back to then enable you to rebuild a village near to your cropper (be it 9c or 15c) I would say that is fundamental for any serious player & why players have rushed for croppers thorughout all travian versions for over 10 years (it was always this way even back in T3 days)

    In my view even average players deserve the best chance to be successful and a cropper when developed properly will feed the majority of your army. so the sacrifice of 24 hours to have a decent cropper is well worth the alternative of risking having no cropper or one that is miles away from the team you wish to play with.
    Once you have your cropper you can still stay under 200 pop & it's possible to burst out of BP with 1k def troops without much effort

    One thing i would say is if you are a non gold player, it is better to look at taking a good 9c rather than a 15c, as a 9c is much easier/cheaper to develop without gold.