Scout Reinforced In Other Villages

  • I think that if you have scouts, ELs or pathfinders in another player's village, you should be able to see the report if that village gets scouted.

    Currently, I have many scouts placed in allied villages for defensive purposes, but I never receive defensive scout reports or even defense points for killing enemy scouts.

    It would be nice if this was changed so it can act like normal reinforcements when a village is attacked. I do not see any reason why scouting should be treated differently from attacks if you end up defending enemy troops.

    Also, currently, the player who holds the scouts gets the defense points, not the player who sent the scouts. In these pictures, majority of the scouts were not owned by Sketchymeat, yet he got ALL the defense points. I think it would be more fair if the owner of the scouts got their share of the points, unless someone could explain the reasoning behind this.



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