Three Dragons Guide to a strong start Part 2 Gaul

  • If you read my Stage 1 guide to a strong start, you would quickly realize I am a defensive village builder at heart.

    Let me now discuss what I as a player would do post settling my 9 cropper (which was as close to me as possible) as a defensive Gaul player.

    In this early game to mid game guide i will talk about the under appreciated strategy of being an ugly target that just grows and grows.

    • Cranny
    • Oasis's
    • Trapper

    1- Cranny

    If they can't loot anything they are not going to attack

    This is a very simple concept. They scout you, they see you have no available resources to loot... They never attack.

    At the very start coming out of beginners protection 1 max rank cranny does serious work.

    You can do the math yourself or you can trust me when i say it gives you at least an 8 hour buffer before anything it loot able in your town.

    As you develop you build a second cranny (cuz were trolls) and you always maintain that 8 hour buffer so you can sleep like a normal human being but still be a competitive player.

    Cranny's are very cheap and will do more work then you realize.

    This leads into my next point

    2- OASIS

    Because there is nothing to loot, why defend your village. They could be doing so much more. They could be farming an oasis!!!

    all those troops you built can now be farming a duel oasis that your kingdom owns, the resources they produce will feed their upkeep and produce 1 additional resource of that oasis's type.


    Some underappreciated facts about oasis's is some of them have what you call a wall.

    They give % def bonus's to troops in them. at the begging this is so much that it is more then your wall will grant.

    So be smart, pick that oasis with the higher % def, post all your troops and hero in it, and congratulations you just became a tougher target.


    If i go over the max troops which can produce in that location i will usually troll and just send more then 250 to the oasis, for the following reasons.

    -United your troops are stronger

    -More troops stationed means higher chance you will be the top person in that oasis.

    Another Underappreciated fact is a trooper farming an oasis is on par to a resource field improvement post level 5

    Resource fields have diminishing returns. You must pay more to get the same increase in income.

    Once your fields are all at 5 you may as well build that 250 troops right then and there, because those troops will produce the same amount for the same cost, but then again, there also troops.

    Unlocking the Second oasis slot is situational (depends if you have a good second oasis to choose from) But you should seriously consider it once you become a city, or just before becoming a city in your main village.


    Since none of your troops are home its time to dig deep and have some kinda deterrence.

    The bane of every good player.

    The last thing they want to see.

    Your best friend that consumes no crop.

    A level 7 trapper is what i suggest building the day you come out of beginners protection. It will trap 100 troops costs nothing to build, expect the traps themselves add up to costing more then the building itself.

    Traps will capture as many as they can. some times this is everything. If that occurs it is the best strategy to release the enemies troops and just laugh at them. This is because they will get their friends and break your traps anyways. And Traps cost alot. So why do that?

    If you peacefully release the troops the traps never break they repair, and you do not have to build more. they quickly realize you have alot of traps and they steer clear of you.

    Sometime they attack with too much, and then traps break killing 25% of the troops. This could be worse then it sounds, because 25% of a units cost, is almost = to your traps cost. Both sides lose, and he hates you because he lost troops when he didn't think he would.

    Next time I log on when this occurs I will spend everything on rebuilding those traps.

    I will then send a msg to that player which is short and politely says hey i just logged on, and I just rebuilt all of my traps just for you...


    This strategy usually gets amazing results, as long as you log on regularly that is and dutifully rebuild those traps.

    So what makes traps so frustrating to the elite players?

    I will tell you.


    The single biggest thing large players have going for them when killing and looting smaller players is they can outnumber their opponent and have minimal loses.

    But traps are different.

    THEY ALWAYS KILL 25% which resource wise is <TIT FOR TAT>


    ****************Please note that trappers and cranny's fall off as you become larger.****************

    Trappers are not worthwhile investments over level 12ish

    Cranny's can only protect so much once your income becomes higher and you need to post troops, I do not suggest over 3 crannys and you will eventually deconstruct them because you need the space.

    This is a post beginners protection early game guide :evil:

  • I wouldnt even call it a post beginners protection guide. It's just a very long way of suggesting:

    As gaul: get 2 cranny, third if needed

    get a level 7 trapper (upgrade upto level 12 if needed)

    Make use of oasis bonus. (if the bonus doesn't work, it's because the oasis needs to be attached to your kingdom, the guide didn't add this bit ;) )

    This literally covers a maximum of the first week. Ideally like day 2-3.

    Is this for both of your villages?

    I'm also presuming you're expecting your reader to have common sense of when to build them, but saying this common sense is that if you're being attacked and you can't repel the attacker is to get cranny's.

    Nothing wrong with going overboard, but 4 bullet points sums this up.

    I have high hopes for part 3 where getting a city, town hall expanding comes into play as there's too many first week guides and not enough main play guides.

  • This is true good summary Big Head

    I will spend more time on the mid to late game Gaul Guide

    You may care to listen to what I have to say as I ended Com 7 slow speed server as Gaul with the most troops in my kingdom (aside from my king) numbering over 100k worth of crop consumption troops all at max rank smithy. I was Number 14th defender on the server but would have been higher if I had actually lost my troops. I was also the Number 1 contributor to the wounder, by a long shot.

    One thing I will point out is that every single type of troop to Gaul posses is essential to their success. (they all have a good place and should at certain points be built)

  • A few notes:

    • I still wouldn't consider your first thread a strong start. It's a start for people who can't archieve a strong start for whatever reason and therefore make cuts everywhere to not become a target and survive.
    • Provoking farmers who run in troops with passive-aggressive message isn't that good of an idea either, well, unless you urgently want to run into one who remembers your name and comes visiting when traps are irrelevant. You may have been lucky by now to not meet one, but there are enough. ^^
    • 250 troops produce 250 resources in an oasis. But they consume 250 resources aswell. Unless you put them into a double-oasis (for instance, 25% crop + 25% wood) they produce exactly what they consume, maybe another resource kind tho. But those double-oasis have only half the defence bonus of their single-one counterparts.
    • Placing more troops than necessary and with it stealing higher oasis ranks from your allies (who might benefit more from it than you) is definitely the most bad manner thing I have encountered yet. If you were in my kingdom, would do this without arrangement with the others and still do it after we talked to you, you would be out instantly. That you weren't explains the "100k troops were the most in the kingdom"-thing aswell, kindof.
    • Building crannys and trappers as a gaul if you have no sitter and aren't online in the night isn't what I would consider underappreciated, but more like default. Every 2nd gaul I see builds traps (most of them, for whatever reason, even on day 80+). I mean, it's true, but it's also kind of obvious.
    • This "I would have been higher if I used my troops"-argument counts for #1 to #13 aswell ...

    Also you completely didn't mention scouts. Especially in the early game scouts prevent you from being farmed, because noone wants to risk running in troops. Sorry, but I can't see this thread positively, especially not for new players who blindly follow guides they find online. ^^

  • Every player that I've targeted that plays your way abandons and deletes (particularly when playing as Teuton).

    This is not the way to survive let alone thrive, and if you do survive it is luck or allies and you've just stunted your growth unnecessarily.