Changelog 0.91 - the Menhir era begins

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    Dear players,

    The menhir era begins with the start of COM4. Kings are now able to place up to three menhirs at once within their kingdom. This means they can actively invite governors to join them.

    Finding fellow players

    As governor, you can search for a king who's looking for new kingdom members. On the other hand, as king, you can search for active players to join your team. There are several ways to do this.

    • Use the chat rooms in the bottom left
    • Search for the field messages on the map and reach out to the player via chat
    • Search for players on the map with the same language flag you have


    On international worlds with multiple languages, we made it easier for you to find other players who speak your language. As mentioned in the changelog for v.0.90, the language settings are now found under “Game” in the “UI” section. As soon as you have switched to your language, you'll have access to chat rooms in this language – see changelog v0.89. Since game version 0.88, we display the language flags on the map so that you can identify the players it's easiest for you to communicate with.

    It's up to the king whether a governor can choose a field within their kingdom borders or if they designate one to the governor. Nonetheless, please keep in mind the restrictions listed at the end of the post. Most notably, 15 croppers and 9 croppers are excluded from relocation. These exceptions were broadly discussed with test players within the mltest round thread.

    King: Placing a menhir

    As king, you have the power to place up to three menhirs at the same time on a map tile within your kingdom borders. Apart from the sheer weight of the stone, a druid's rune makes it impossible to move the menhir away by anyone other than its designated owner. As a result, the field is reserved for those in the king's favor who wish to relocate to your kingdom. You can only place a menhir directly on the map. It's only possible to pick a player using the avatar name search. As soon as you have invited a governor, they'll receive an invitation. Of course, you can withdraw an invitation.


    Governor: Claiming a menhir


    You started as a governor and a king wants you to relocate and join their kingdom. Now, let's see if you fulfill the relevant requirements.

    • You have only one village.
    • This village is outside of the king's kingdom borders.
    • You aren't yet a member of a kingdom.


    You meet all the requirements mentioned above and you've become the designated owner of a menhir. What can you do with it?

    • You can remove it by canceling the invitation in the Embassy or in the kingdom window.
    • You can accept the invitation and resettle.


    Let's assume you want to resettle and accept the invitation. What happens next:

    • You resettle instantly to the new map tile and join the new kingdom.
    • Every building within the village wall and the wall itself will stay as they were before the move and retain the same levels.
    • The resource and crop fields will not be moved and even their layout may be different.
    • The new lands will all be at level 0.
    • As compensation, you will find piles of resources and crop in the hero inventory.
    • These piles come in different sizes and are divisible.

    Gathered piles of resources

    Open your relocation report to see how many gathered piles of resources your inhabitants have brought with them.


    The piles come in three different sizes: small (500), medium (2,000), and large (8,000).

    You can find them as stackable items in the hero inventory. When you use them, an absolute amount of resources is added to your current village instantly. You can split these piles into smaller piles to manage your inventory. We also integrated a warning if the capacity of the warehouse of your current village isn't big enough to contain the amount of resources.

    How many piles of resources you'll get depends solely on the costs you spent to level up the resource and crop fields on the map tile you left behind. Therefore, you have to add up the costs per resource for each level. Each resource is considered separately. If the amount of invested resources is equal to or greater than 10,000, you'll get them as medium piles. However, if they are equal to or greater than 40,000, they'll come as large piles.

    They only come in the same size per resource. Small piles contain 500, medium piles 2,000 and large piles 8,000 resources. As a result, there could be a loss of up to 20%.

    Let's look at an example with a cropland at level 5.

    You can find the level costs for croplands per level in the Wiki. The total resources spent for a level-5 crop field are:

    • 1,345 wood
    • 1,610 clay
    • 1,515 iron
    • 0 crop

    All of the spent resources amount to less than 10,000 units. This means all resources will come in small piles at 500 each.

    • Wood: 2 small piles at 500 each = 1,000 wood
    • Clay: 3 small piles at 500 each = 1,500 clay
    • Iron: 3 small piles at 500 each = 1,500 iron

    Around 10.5% of resources get lost on the way.

    Restrictions and general rules

    • Menhirs cannot be placed on tiles with 15 or 9-crop fields.
    • If a governor was already in a kingdom within the last three days and left, they cannot relocate again to their former kingdom. This restriction includes a membership in a confederated kingdom as well.
    • Relocating is only possible until the first Wonder of the World reaches level 50.
    • Owners of inactive villages (gray villages) cannot be invited to relocate.
    • A governor can have multiple relocation invitations.
    • Governors must play on the same game round as the king in order to be able to receive a relocation invitation.

    With all this information in mind, you're ready to try out the menhir feature and tell us about it in the comments.

    Sharpen your swords, gather your troops, and have fun playing!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Hope the troops will move to the new village automatically. What if they were travelling? Will travel time increase/decrease?

    What happens to the troops when suddenly the crop fields move to level zero in the new village?

    If we store enough in the granary when the movement is initiated, hope the troops will not starve to death before the crop fields are rebuilt

    Or can we reinforce the troops to another village (preferably the new treasury) and then initiate the move?

    Can cities be moved?

  • Troops will be transfered automatically. If crop production is negative due to relocation and no crop is left in the granary, they'll starve. Cities can probably be moved, but I didn't test it. Reinforcing and then relocating will probably work - trapped units stay aswell. Outgoing movements will aborted, I think, returning ones will still be returning without changing their arrival.

    Not 100% sure, but that's what I assume to remember.

  • Seeing COM2X3 political map after 6 days of the server, i think too much misuse of menhir has backfired.

    all around 0,0 is too much crowded, big and active kingdoms all around with not a single tile to settle your 3rd and fourth villages. One Simmer kingdom far way in one corner who can bored to death in the mid game, 4 other wonders where only very few players settled, not even expected to contest in end game.

    Remember this is week1. Feeling like using menhir for day 2 relocation should be planned better.

    The interesting fact is that if you are not settled on your second village in a hurry, your options are very much open. You can see how the server plays out and join any kingdom and move anywhere

  • I am curious how it's gonna turn out, but right now I think it's game-breaking change which will only result in utterly boring gameplay. Why?

    COM6. Started this tuesday. For example Wonder on 22/-45 has one Kingdom around itself with crazy number of villages - more than 20 players already. And other Wonders will end up the same way - some Kingdom will relocate all the players there. Then they will all wait for the endgame, because what else can you do? Battle with other kingdoms? How? You have all your players god damn far away from other players and on one big pile, which makes it almost impossible to defeat.

    So why risk losing you big army in mid game. No, people will destroy small kingdoms and solo players nearby and then wait for WW. Early and mid game will be very boring.

    IMO would be nice to somehow limit the relocation. f4VZNvhI mean... just look at the screen, it's 3 days after start of the server and I did not even screen all the villages there :D And it's a corner WW at 22/-45. It's just ridiculous.


  • on com1 there moved 2 kingdoms to every wonder. so you have to fight for your wonder.

    maybe on other servers arent enough players or kingdoms. but i think there should be more kingdoms then wonders anyway to be a intresting round.

  • can you still use the menhir if you have upgraded your village to a city?

    I think that you can, but since your res will be destroyed there's a high chance that your city will become a village again if you dont calculate your pop correctly :P

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