Silver not received from card game.

  • I noticed that silver does not get added to the balance if you pick a card, see the silver price and then close the screen without pressing the continue button. All other prices do show up, but silver does not get added. Happened twice now. I know I am stupid for doing it twice.

    The silver does get added to balance when I use the continue button.

  • Hello guys,

    if you still haven't received your silver, please submit a ticket via the Help Center mentioning your avatar name and game world. Our team will then investigate and get back to you as soon as possible.

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • I have tried to record it happening, but last few times I indeed got the silver and saw it get added to account within seconds. Perhaps something changed already, perhaps something was wrong on my end. Perhaps there was more of a delay when I thought I noticed it. It seems to be working perfect now. Last four times I clicked the screen away even quicker than I usually would to force an error but it is working like a train.


    solved/NO ISSUE
    specially since no one else has had any trouble