What happens when a king becomes inactive?

  • So my king has been inactive for about 3 days now. What happens if he doesn't come back? Do we have to leave altogether the kingdom and create a new one? Will we lose all victory points and treasures?

  • Pre- oder Post-Union?

    Before union: If a king becomes inactive (in terms of not being active for three? days) he'll auto-abdicate and the duke with most population will take his place.

    After union: You're *****, good luck. (Post-Union a king can't abdicate / being auto-abdicated or lose his position by any means except by deleting or a bug, in which case his position stays empty forever.)

  • Great! A post about the biggest flaw in the design of Travian Kingdoms, a deadbeat king.

    I have played only 4 servers in the last 2 years. One time with a preformed kingdom and 3 randomly. Of the 3 random starts I got 1 real king and 2 deadbeats. One of the 2 deadbeats was actually a king in the 2nd rated alliance. I sat him and he wasted so many resources in overflow it was embarrassing.

    So saying, there is no quick fix to the issue of poor kings. The issue has been recognized since the first open beta in 2016. Giving dukes the kingdom is a start, but still, kingdoms are based on settling and a king's settling pattern is a major determiner in kingdom boundaries.

    Eventually, if people aren't going to have 4 months worth of expense and time screwed over then there will need to be a mechanism to actually transfer an absent king's account (and villages) to any kingdom member who is willing to take it.

    My opinion. Now tell me how it is wrong and unfair!