Name change

  • So, i had an argument with "Support Manager - Giorgi" and instead of fixing bug, he said that i need to change my name "iSmokeWeeed" because it is considered inappropriate and unsuitable for minors.. (Despite the fact that i've been using this name for the last 10 years in travian and other games including steam (steam most likely doesnt have minors), so he changed it without my permission to "iSmoke"... OK... how the hell its more appropriate and suitable for minors :D ?

    Also, i've noticed that in my current server COM2x3 there are players with names : Narcotic, Overdose, Jackass, Bong and etc (its just top 100 players), same as kingdom name "Bitch please"

    SO wtf.. how come these above name are OK and my one is not? also, how come my name was fine for travian 10 years in a row, maybe 12 years... but now when i started to question his knowledge about the game saying it is actually a bug, started to pick on my name. Dont you think its personal instead of inappropriate and offensive for minors :D ?


  • isn't forum a place for a community to speak up? I'm not saying anything offensive against him - its just speaking my mind and want to hear others point of view

    Theoretically yes, but there are topics that are not allowed to be openly discussed, and support tickets is iirc one of them.

    Trav does not have an algorithm checking for inappropriate names (or at least not a big library of blacklisted names) i guess. They seem to rely on ppl reporting such names. So while most fly under the radar, your name sat right in front of his eyes. So he saw it and changed it.

    Also the names you picked as examples are kinda lackluster. A jackass is an animal, an overdose isnt necessarily done with illegal drugs but legal medicine for instance, tho i agree that there is a bunch of (sometimes more than) questionable names out there.

    On a sidenote: If you are unhappy with your new name you can change it in the lobby. Just stick with something mild

  • Some players of our team reported changes in nicknames - they removed "☭" calling it inappropriate

    Our team played for 2 years with that, some of names were reported as top players on this forum and it occured that's inappropriate on current Com2X3 :P

    BTW we created a thread that was closed. No thread = no problem. Admin way.

    Порой бывает так паршиво, что даже чай не лезет в глотку, а лезет в глотку только пиво, которым запиваешь водку.

  • thats the worst thing - im unable to change it, so what to do next - i dont want to keep the name he gave me. I've tried various names , even random lkfjsdlfjsd. I think he blocked me from changing the name

  • You can only change it to a name you are using on one of your active gameworlds if I am not mistaken. You were probably named ismokeweeed on every server you played and that was changed too if i had to guess so you could only change to ismoke, but you could join a new world name you whatever and try changing your lobby name to that. If that wont work, well message georgi again suggesting a name (or a couple) you would be fine with