Battle report parser/converter

  • Dear players, I'm proudly presenting you a new tool on my site, the logger!

    Many thanks to Rascal and her allies for giving me reports of all possible kinds.


    • report links never expire
    • works with all languages supported by Travian
    • accepts all battle type types: attack, raid, scan
    • stats summary
    • several reports per link (not more than 10–15 currently)
    • embedded links to combat simulator and off calculator


    The current version isn't final, I'm going to add more features and I'd also be happy to hear ideas from you.

    • shortening links
    • more reports per group
    • automatically generated extra summary report for report groups


    There was a closed-beta phase, so most bugs are eliminated, but if you see some, please report

    • scouting defensive building report shows scouted buildings twice or displays "### build_lvl ###"