Gauls no longer the 'easiest' tribe to play

  • Its always been the case. You start a new account, newbie or vet and you are asked to pick a tribe. You are told that Gauls are the best in terms of being simplest and requiring least amount of activity. Best for new players. As a result, the servers are 50 percent Gaul (or more). I claim that with the development of Travian Kingdoms this is no longer the case. Romans are the easiest tribe!

    What have Gauls got.

    - basic troop phalanx. Most expensive in terms of resources of any of the 3 basic troops. Poor attack strength which doesn't help with clearing hideouts. Poor carry which again isn't good for clearing hideouts

    - special ability, double cranny. In the old days when BP was 3 days and it took much longer to settle a no. 2, it was nice to have a little extra resource protection. Now, even well informed newbies can settle inside the BP

    - special building, trapper. Okay, its nice to build 10 traps to deal with guys sending their lone hero or 2 unit probes at you. Maybe a legitimate reason to say Gauls are 'easier', but most serious players I know don't build tons of traps so certainly not a game long advantage

    - wall palisade. Nice balance of protection and durability. Still, prior to time where people are building significant amounts of rams (which given people don't know how to use rams well, can be forever) durability is not as much of a winner

    - hero is faster. Great, you can finish an adventure quicker and rein with hero faster. Big deal. Again, not a reason to say Gauls require less effort.

    What have Romans got

    - basic troop lego. Most balanced in terms of offense and defense so good for clearing hideouts, reasonable for sending as reins. Slower build time but this downside doesn't kick in so much until midgame.

    - special ability, build building/field simultaneously. A major advantage, particularly if not rushing builds. Early game quest rewards rule account development. Being able to build fields/buildings at the same time can speed up the time in which you get the rewards. Throughout the game this ability makes account development faster and easier.

    - special building horse trough. no big advantage until mid game. then roman cavalry start to dominate. EL scout hammers are by far the best and EI's beat TTs in every way (offense and defense, in MHO) except speed. Smaller maps make speed less of an issue.

    - wall city wall. High protection, low durability. I say early game strength trumps and mid game lower durability is only an issue if attackers know what a ram is. I can't tell you how many times I've seen attackers forgo the use of siege hoping to take advantage of the slightly shortened travel time. It would probably be reasonable for every king to create a few simulations to show every member of the kingdom how important it is to build and use rams.

    - hero is stronger (assuming people are smart enough to put HP to strength rather than resources). Along with basic troop lego and special ability dual/build the reason why being a roman is soooooo much easier early game. Less damage on adventures and less damage clearing hideouts is a lot better deal than gaul hero speed.

    So, I've made my case for why servers should be 50 percent roman rather than 50 percent gaul. What do you say?

  • nah. not really

    gauls's trapper and doubled cranny are everything a beginner needs (4k-8k cranny with 100 traps are enough for a beginner to develop and avoid being a farm). you assume that beginners do some research before playing and i can say that was never the case.

    swordsman isn't really that much expensive to build early on for hideouts. carrying capacity is an issue with gauls infantry. but still gauls are the best options for newbies.

  • also the game doesn't say they are best option for beginners because they are the easiest, but because they are the most "balanced" which is true as they dont have a standout focus on either off or def but rather have good troops for both.

  • Gaul is by far the easiest to play and casual/beginner friendly of the tribes.

    Trapper is amazing building to get you trough the early game without having to worry too much about the attacks. And it's not even the traps but the threat of the traps that keep the attackers at bay which makes things easy for beginners, pick gaul you get a free pass for first few weeks and by then kingdoms should have formed where your team can help protect you and you should have learned some things or learned the game isn't for you. Beginning is the hardest part of the game and trapper single handedly solves that problem.

    Phalanx is basically the best defense unit in the game being cheap and fast to train and having much better balance between the defense values compared to the only one unit that's more cost effective in defense than him (spearfighter). In addition to that swords are also pretty solid defenders which makes gaul armies (especially the beginner ones which are unlikely to sport 10k TT's as their first priority) more resilient against attackers in general. Swordsman is nearly as efficient in terms of resources as a clubswinger and nearly as efficient in terms of crops as an imperian. Other gaul units share the same common core concept, they are fast, resource effective and have high defense (with the only exception being TT). This makes them easier to use for beginners who might not be online as often and not really care about the attack per hour stats. Gauls also have the most "complete" unit tree which means they are very flexible choice if you aren't quite sure what you want to make of yourself in the game. You have both the defense cavalry option (which Romans don't have and paladins are paladins) AND a fast raider option which Teutons lack. They might not be as great minmaxed as the other two but beginners typically don't want or need minmaxing, they need versatility and fallback options and bit of passive help here and there and Gaul has that in droves.

  • I would include 2 more things to the gameplay:

    1. Traders
    Gauls have fastest traders with 750 carry capacity. Beat that! I will never forget one female player 10 years ago on Travian version 3. She played gaul without army and farming but managed to be first population player just by TRADE and Gold. Whole world round you have chance to buy resource 1:2. Without any troop loss. Do the math. :P

    2. Practicum Batelisticus
    90 percent of farmers avoid gaul villages because of may be trap or may be lot of cranny so no point of wasting time to attack gaul. Every time I registred with Gaul tribe, I had 70 percent less incoming farm attacks from local farmers. That includes scouting, not just farming! So it is big advantage to play as Gaul.

    3. TTs are best inactive farmers. Period.

    OK, point 1 and 3 are for professional players, point 2 is for begginers but still... picking Gaul tribe makes your wife happier.

  • If horses are considered Romans are the choice for many players. Players with attacking tendency would find Romans the easiest to play as legions can work as attackers as well as defense. In case of Romans there is no dilemma for training troops; however, in case of gauls there is some dilemma on choosing the horses-- too many horses to choose (attack as well as offense). But majority will find guals easy since the beginners will find the time to avoid raiding.