Never Ending World

  • There are games on internet like SAMP that are playable RPG world without reset.
    Since day one I started to play Travian I wished that there is a neverending world where all my villages and troops will not go to "Oblivion" and I could anytime come and play my favorite game with my little soldiers, buildings and so on.

    Please stop taking my beloved toys to oblivion and let me play and neverending world which lasts for decades.
    :( I remember all my old accounts and I wish I could just for 5 minutes play with my old toys that I miss so much! :((((

    Once I had 5 c9s and 3 c15 croppers which I fed all my friends armies and we eventually won the server and now I dont have my villages :((( :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::cursing::cursing:<3

    Do you remember your first rat ever? :(

  • I can't say i agree here, a never-ending server sure would be fun to play on but after a few months there would be no point for new players to start since they would be waaay to far behind. The server would end because people just dont see any point in it anymore

  • What would the point of that server be? I mean, if you are inactive for a week or two, its almost certain that your troops are killed, every halfdecent village chieved and the remaining ones freed of theird residences and permafarmed. I think that travian and these kind of games just would not work as infinite worlds as we are racing towards something (namely finishing wonders and getting most VP by that time). Also theres a huge gap in power between a fresh account and one thats *only* several month old. Let alone several years... I think to make such a world a thing would require PvE to become the focus and I personally cant imagine this being remotely as entertaining as current state

    how would you add new features and updates to neverending server?

    Dont think thats a problem. Updates can already be installed on active gameworlds and I assume thats theoretically the same for entirely new features. Its just not done due to the bigger possibility of a screw up and to not mess with game balance. But if there is no competition there is noone to make a fuss over it :D