Menhir + teleport vs fast settle

  • Just a thought.

    The new Menhir function kind of ruins the point of a fast 24h settle? you will get your village transferred to the right area so wasting all the ress to get the new village that fast just isn't worth it anymore? You can still settle within 3-4 days if you focus on it and it will save you a ton of ress. What do you guys think? The main point of fast settle has been to get your village in the right area as well as maybe grabbing a cropper which will still be possible if you do it withing a few days.

  • Great way to cheat. Experienced know why and how. I was tired of multiaccounts before but now it is even easier to set your twink account to deffend you early game. Kingdoms is more pop simulation game then war game now.

    With menhir feaute you can spawn 2 villages at your main account capital and from resource packs make bundle of deffensive units fast while people who play honest, have to catch animals or just play defensive.

    So in first 3 days player who cheats can now make 201 population village with 200 defensive units from twink account while he himself makes only farm raiding units to gather resource and gold and silver he has he does not use for cages nor does he have to build crannies in start!! This is problem for decade now. Still no changes.

    So feauture of being king for rookie player is not an option on Travian KIngdom. If you do not have 3,4 players who blindly supports you as King.... zzz

  • Guess this feature is consolidating the area so quick. If you are not quick ur team will suffer. Dukes and kings should/must be quick to take action and have a good command over fellow teammates. Time is money. With three invitations the king should be quick to gather teammates around his/her treasury. With tributes to support kings and dukes massive troops can be trained in short time. And one thing we dont need to worry about 2nd village, we are teleporting settlers with a village. :P