☢Anti Siege Mode☢

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    You got siege on your a...?

    No problem, activate "anti-siege"mode in Main Building.

    Select Main Building, click Activate "Panic Mode". There is timer limit like for Tresury, of 12 hours to actiavate.

    Anti-Siege mode lasts until you deactivate it and needs 12 hours of downcool to stop.

    What it does:

    While in anti sege mode you can not:
    -Build anything
    -All production is halted, production of wood iron and clay and crops becomes 0 resource per hour. You do not produce anything while in anti siege mode
    -Your troops waste double crop per hour(legioner 1, teutonic rider 6 crop per hour for example)
    -Your troops get 100% defence (bonus does not work on troops from other players but works for troops from all your villages/cities)
    -All trade is halted including outbound and inboud, traders do not travel while in anti siege mode

    You still can:
    -Research troops
    -Build troops

  • There is absolutely no need for this. Def players have the water ditch (which is way too overpowered anyway) for countering sieges.

    Sieges have double runtime and a huge "I'm the real attack"-marker above their heads, due to fakes costing 1k troops per fake (ok, you could do siege fake and then run real without siege, but this can be probably figured out quite easily). Siege grants 33% bonus attack strength under a very special and costly condition. Water ditch grants 30% bonus defense strength - always, without any condition, without any chance to destroy it. Defense doesn't need even more buffs. Better buff siege to need only 200 troops or something like that.