Select gold or cardgame use

  • Hi!

    It would be great if you could put in a feature to let us chose if we want to use gold or the card game rewards for example to finish a building, if i want to fast finish it and have a finish now reward i can't chose to use the gold which is not great since there is the 2h cutoff and then i might have to use the reward even though it would only cost 1g to finish. Since then i would like to save the reward thing for when it is supposed to be 2g to finish now.

    Sorry for the messy thread ^^

  • My thoughts exactly.

    But there are 2 positive sides of this:

    1. Golders must spend more gold (I remember when I bought starter pack then had to use fast build for buildings under 2h... made me loco)
    2. Non-Golders dont loose so much advantage over golders.

    So NO from me for this suggestion due to common wealth.

    I suggest you to buy starter pack at the end of the sale and use cards like they are gifts. :P