Suggestion for oasis influence

  • I've found that oasis rank is often a problem or annoyance for capital cities, particularly within your own kingdom. I'm sure many have have been in situations were a kingdom member has forced the nr 1 rank of your cropper capital oasis by settling villages/cities next to the oasis and/or parking large amount of troops in the oasis. Often for a regular village or a 6c capital with low level fields that would recieve a much lower production boost from that oasis than you would.

    I would suggestion the following

    Instead of oasis influence being affected by village population and the number of troops inside:

    1. Oasis influence is based on the production bonus the village would recieve (i.e. total base production). That is, the village that would recieve the higher bonus from the oasis automatically gets rank 1, the second highest, rank 2 and so on.

    2. Remove gaining influence and resources from stationing troops inside oasis

    With this system you have 2 ways to increase in rank:
    1. Increase the level of your fields untill it is higher than your opponent (you would do this with allies)
    2. Catapult the other players fields so your fields are higher (this is solution for enemies)

    This way, the player that would recieve the highest bonus from the oasis automatically gets it (great for kingdom) and it promotes players to upgrade their fields which is good in the long term. Additionally, we will no longer need to keep worthless troops sitting around in the oasis.

    In cases were 2 players are in a tie, for instance two 15c capitals with lvl 18 fields, the one who assigned the oasis first gets the higher rank. That way the guy that was there first gets the highest rank but he still has the option to give it to the other guy if he wants by removing oasis and reassigning it again.

    Good idea?

  • I believe the oasis is placed there to fight for it which is an added strategic challenge to the game and not entirely just to give bonuses. And when kingdom members cannot arrange, it is political, another challenge indeed.

    About the troop count, it is a good trick when borrowing the oasis for top spot. Like before using crop chest or resource chest, a boost in production will give a better percentage result/number.

    The oasis system is working fine with me. Just need to strategically locate or accept being beaten to it and move on.
    (This also goes for robber camps and having grey villages upon who exclusively farm which or a nobody spikes policy - really adding spices to the game)

  • So.....your one of "those" guys......

    you'll put 1k troops in an oasis just to grab that top spot, and screw the guy who's capital has to support a -50k wheat deficit

    ...and the guy who will send raids to every robber camp just to get your treasures :thumbdown:

  • would love if 1 oasis could be used by multiple villages of same player...also if embassy level 15 gives 1 tile more range for further away oasises or makes it possible to convert 1 non oasis clay/wood/iron/crop tile in village reach into an oasis

  • So.....your one of "those" guys......

    you'll put 1k troops in an oasis just to grab that top spot, and screw the guy who's capital has to support a -50k wheat deficit

    ...and the guy who will send raids to every robber camp just to get your treasures :thumbdown:

    no, no, I do not screw camps (whew) and top spot is for just few seconds between before and after using chest :D

    btw, raiding is not for camps. i did that once, only one raid to my assigned camp, and i got scold big time hehe

    i hate guys who do not cooperate but the talks and scoldings reading them is quite fun, turning headaches and heartaches into comedy.

  • Its like feeding a rich more. Luckily you have a cropper. Think of those who playing without cropper(because no cropper left) and making huge troops. Your advise only supportable if server divided to equal amount of good cropper to in player number.

  • having croppers is also added challenge same with natar villages :

    the goal is to be the first, doing 24 second village rush and keep with beginner protection if not with kingdom yet.

    back with oasis, I found elephants on oasis right beside my village. Was rushing for adventures to get cages (3rd adventure I think) now hero gallops and somebody beat me to it. i just take it as part of the game. i know which village did and it went menhir away soonest :P been flagging his village "with elephants"

  • just shoot the embassy from enemies... flat bonus based on pop makes no real sense since popsimmers are usually useless to your team other than taxwhores... But perhaps do something with oasis that benefit a duchy, instead of a full kingdom. This requires certain midlying players to have villages in two duchy but at least it's in the same kingdom so it should be to much of an issue. The fights over oasis has degraded with the menhirs anyway. Only on borders there's usually some fight over it and people move Lightyears away from eachother anyway. And inside a shitty kingdom which isn going to last if there's a fight inhouse over it if it can't handle crop allocation themselves.