In game forum notifications

  • Hi Cold Steel

    this is an interesting idea, thank you very much for sharing it! I have forwarded it along with few others and will get back to you as soon as I have feedback from the game center.

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • There is information on the forum about Christmas and New Year's truce. The time in the CET version is given. There is no option in the game panel to choose such a time zone (UTC, local, server time).

    Please, let the times be written in the server time version (possibly UTC). Then you do not have to wonder if you have really calculated the beginning and end of the truce.

  • CET is the central european (winter) time, so if you live in any of those countries, it's the time, that you see on your clock right now:

    Also, it's the same as UTC+1, so you can change your settings to UTC+1:00 and you'll have it.