Wish (trade routes)

  • I wish I would be able to set up trade routes to other people. Often I play a supportive role in servers and right now that means I have to manually send the resources every time. Personally I put in the trouble, but to get most people to do so is a lot harder without trade route options. At the very least the King could point out a select amount of villages of players that are members of the kingdom that can be the target of trade routes besides the WW location.

    I understand this might be more limited than 'before' to make it more difficult for people to cheat, but I feel sad that all players have to suffer limits like this because a few of them can't play fair.

  • You are limited to send only a certain % of your daily res income to other accounts anyway. So a traderoute like this would be either rather small or not be fullfillable most of the time. And deactivating the automatic send stop would go against the intentions of the devs, namely that you play your account for your accounts benefit, not someone elses. Just spend your res yourself

  • I have played many roles in this game over the year. Found out that I like to be a support. Specially when I know I am going to spend less time online than usual. When I play a more active role I often force weaker players to support me.

    What or who are the devs?
    Teamwork and politics are important in Travian.
    Supporting the right team is a solid strategy trying to be the winning one.

  • Devs - ie the developers or people who made the game. I can see that you like supporting but if that's what u like just play defence, if u don't have a lot of time to invest u can always ask for a sitter to help run your account or just accept that you will never be a top player.

  • sending resources with trade routes to other players would be pretty bad for the game. You would need to have several (like at least one per offense player) to stay competitive against other kingdoms who would be doing it. So while you might like helping team out if the mechanic was supported better it would become mandatory for a lot of the weaker players to just be resource cows. Lets not even talk about how it would impact the multi account scene. The games official support role is defense more or less. You can help out your team, supply wonder in the late game and you can still donate resources to players that get hit for instance manually and crops to those who ask and even feed units of other players but imo trade routes would be quite over the top.

  • I do not agree with you Cerafil. If you want to play support, you can contribute to the team much more with just playing defence and supplying your team with scouts reports and stuff. To send res to other players will only make more cheaters have multiple accounts and sending res to the one account they are building a hammer on.

  • Ow wow!! I just now noticed that the limits have become even more strict. It used to be a daily limit. As it seems now it is a perma limit that enforces people to keep up a balance or resources shared with each other. There are still ways around it, but it is a lot of hassle.

    I still think it is a shitty choice to have it like this. I understand though. Travian doesn't like spending money on active anti cheater admins and obviously doesn't have enough volunteers. Having said that I think it is rather useless. People who want to cheat will always find a way. They use external codes, abuse bugs, use proxies to build personal farms and the list of methods to cheat goes on and on. I still think it is a shame all players should "suffer" because a few do not follow the rules. I liked it way better when suspicious behavior was intensively investigated and dealt with than these coded counter measures that limit the options this game has.

  • Pushing protection exists since T3. Pushing protection in TK wasn't changed since release. What are you talking about?

    PP watches the past 72 hours and ensures, that the balance between two accounts is +- a certain amount, when considering past 72 hours only. If this certain amount is for instance 200k resources, you can send 200k resources every 72 hours to the same player. The amount depends on your account production, excluding troops, btw.