Domain merge to COM

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    Dear players,

    We want to concentrate our efforts on improving your game experience. One of the most recurring topics you've brought up in the past is the wish to play on fuller game rounds. We totally agree on this.

    Over the past year, we tried a couple of different marketing approaches to achieve this goal. As they didn't produce the desired effects, we feel compelled to use other methods. We are going to drop some of our domains: Hungary, Netherlands, Nordic, Poland, and Portugal.

    This means new game rounds will no longer start in these domains. The game rounds currently running will continue as usual. The latest ones still ongoing in these domains are: HU1n, NL2n, Nordic1, PL1, and PT1. You can still register on these rounds.

    The last international game round that includes these languages is COM7 and starts on December 18. We made it easier for you to find other players who speak your language for COM rounds with the language-specific chat rooms. You are allowed, and indeed encouraged, to talk in your own language there. However, please add an English comment when reporting a message. Please join our farewell game round.

    From December 28 onward, we are going to implement some forum changes: We will move the embassy threads of the running game rounds to the COM embassy section (with a redirection link, of course), and we will integrate the Halls of Fame to the COM Halls of Fame.

    From January 1 onward, new COM rounds will not include the following languages: Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish or Portuguese.

    From January 2 onward, we are going to redirect the Help Center tickets to our COM team. We ask that you write your tickets and other report comments in English. We realize it's difficult to write in another language and we don't expect Harvard English. Feel free to use Google Translate. For us, it's important to be able to solve issues. We're not interested in grammar.

    Thank you all for playing Travian Kingoms. We are looking forward to seeing you again on one of the other domains, most likely a COM round.

    Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them and post here: Questions and Answers about the domain merge

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team