List of Sitters open for public

  • When you got a players in your Kingdom, each of them has option to have 2 sitters and you as manager of Kingdom have zero information about those sitters. So in practice, my worst enemy of all can be sitter of my 2 field away neighbour.

    I suggest that list of Sitters of each player is shown publicly on profile. Thank you.

  • Hey Faust#EN(9)

    we're sorry for the inconvenience but due to privacy issues we're unable to share such information unless the players choose to share it themselves.

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • You can do sitter checks, demand screenshots or simply refuse to invite and destoy players in doubt. i mean, after all not only the sitter but the player himself could be an emeny from previous round starting under a new name just to screw you over

  • I would be surprised if it was, and why would it be? troopcount and whatnot is not really personal information. Demanding a picture of ones ID for instance to be against the rules i could understand tho. Also, savety beats privacy im most cases i could come up with. Same as xraying luggage and frisking ppl on airports, just in a milder version. I at least would find it fishy if someone refused to let me take a look into his account and wouldnt want him to be part of my kingdom. Hes a potential risk for not only me but the whole kingdom after all.

  • You can remove the enemy sitter for a minute, take a screenshot and add him back. Screenshots are useless, lol.

    But I don't like the thought that everyone sees everyone's sitter. I am a addicted pc dude anyway, I don't have sitters, only a neverchanging dual, I'm like 18 hours on, she covers the rest. But I would (ab)use this information rigorously, a farm has a new sitter who is kinda active? Good to know, they wanna catch my farmtroops. A guy kicks out both of his sitters? Maybe he's quitting and wants them to be able to farm him, better scout for resources. A guy stops sitting A, but starts sitting B, maybe due to an immediate attack? Nice, maybe A is offline and farmable, let's go before he wakes up. And so on, and so on. If at all, show them only to the kings, not to everyone. o.O

  • The screenshot part was more an example on what you can do to check in gerenal. for troopcount for instance (and ye, even that could potentially be shopped). Also i think that the scenario where the 'evil' one is merely the sitter is one where the actual owner is oblivious about him being an enemy so he would not remove him.

    And ye, making it seen only by the corresponding king (+VC+dukes maybe) would make it actually decent (not only for stuff like spy detection but actually 'white society' stuff like messaging sitters when the owners acc is under attack). Else it goes into the same more disadvantage than advantage category as nationality flags.