Interface language and display of the flag of Ukraine

  • I don't see any reason to cancel other languages' support, if it pays out for TG, other than "if I can't have it, then they shouldn't too".

    I also see no reason to cancel support for other languages. The more so because people pay for the game. However, this decision was taken by the Travian Team, deleting 5 language versions, support and domains. I know that when developing a game there may be mixes of the basic version (German or English) and the national version. However, it does not bother me as much as the liquidation of the entire language version. The community will always help in translations.

    I understand the deletion of domains and support. However, I do not understand why it destroys what is already there and what attracts many players - language versions.

    As I wrote, facilitating (or rather enabling) language switching will make it easier for many players to play in foreign domains.

    I currently play on com, cz, nl, nordic and pl. Only on com I can change the language version. And only on com you can see the flag. Why can not this (version and flag) be done on all servers (domains)?

  • TG decided to cancel four (or five?) languages, not every language but three. I meant, I don't see the point to further cancel languages. The point for those five was, that it wasn't profitable for them. Yes, some players bought gold, this is out of question. But apparently, it didn't cover their cost. There's a difference between "some players buy gold" and "the players buy enough gold to make pl profitable".

    And yes, like I said, I get your point regarding keeping the translations. I also get your point, that the community is willing to help translating upcoming features. But this also comes with problems - for instance that some players could submit nonsense translations, like I said. I would like to adress those problems, and make you think about them, maybe someone does come up with a good solution for this?

  • 5 languages (hu, nl, nordic, pl, pt).

    Translation proposals can be discussed on the forum of a given language. I assume that they will not eliminate it.


    What's wrong with the Polish "osadnicy/osadnik" of English "settlers/settler"? If you have strange associations, it's not the word's fault.

  • Ah ok, five then. I don't speak polish, I gabled up one or two words when my former best friend was talking to his mom, but not more. What I said was an example, how users could mess up translations, if they have bad intentions. Google says osadnicy is fine.

  • Guys, which country speaks "Nordic"? Answer is none.

    Nordic game server includes nordic countries languages, like Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish

    So real number is 8 removed languages.

  • Why just not simple removing all 1 language servers and make them in to International servers (replace usa/uk flag with UN flag) and people can switch language and flag as they want inside gameserver, but every one uses English in support messages and official stuff. At this time 2k18 almost 2k19 don't have learned english, well shit for them.

    Seemingly because they carry their weight aka are cost efficiently enough to stay (for now). Who knows, this might be happening at some point in the future of travian

    I'm playing on a Nordic server. I can not choose a language, neither English nor German. I can only choose the Viking languages.

    because you can only use local languages in native servers and nordic is the combined server for these nations