Kingdoms Contending For New COM Server in February

  • Well, of course, why give people normal information? It’s better to create the absurd topic "[discussion] 15cropper - your feedback is needed", which experienced players will never support. Let him think that something is being done. Our main plans are about which we will not tell anyone. And the plans of ordinary players do not interest us. Let them play on the server, spend gold, and then we will give an announcement (I am sure that there will be no announcement before February 1). The most important thing is profit, not reputation.

  • TG doesn't want to interfere with plans, players made about new servers, by sharing their internal plans until the date is fixed and changing them then. So they definitely don't care about them. Totally makes sense.

  • There was a definite trend for server output, 1-2 per month. And when the players got used to it and started making their plans, the trend changes dramatically. They talk about some reasons. If there are problems, then why open the server x3, and not the one that asks the public. Why did they do that?

  • Man this Starx posts reekk of someone who needs to get there way lol

    BRO the game is the game stop trying to limit things with strict numbers that not how games work especially one where from a company stand point you want as MANY ona server as possible.

    Go play my little pony or something that's pretty liniar experience for yeah =D

    Oh and lets see if i can get #killtest going!

    Test server should be a place where we test improvements of the game, Not where baddies go to play with gold for free.

    So ends my ever few months rant thank you for reading and remember tell starx to shh whenever you see him for me =D