Winter contest

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    Dear players,

    Winter has arrived and the festivities are right around the corner once again! We’d like to invite you to participate in this year’s winter contest where you can share your favorite Travian Kingdoms story or create a fictional one about one or more of the new special achievements and winter in the Travian world.


    • Write between 150 and 300 words
    • Must play in the Travian Kingdoms universe
    • Include at least 3 of the following keywords/Phrases:
      o Menhir
      o Oops…
      o Little Picasso
      o No one likes spiders
      o Fishing
      o Don't cry! You'll find new friends!

    Include your avatar name and your game round so that we can deliver the prizes.

    The contest ends on 28.12 midnight CET so that we can award the prizes to the winners before New Year’s Eve. We will read all stories and select internally the 10 winners.

    Criteria of the internal jury:

    • Are all conditions fulfilled?
    • Do I feel something when reading it?
    • How many likes did the story have?


    • The top 3 stories will receive 150 Gold
    • 7 additional stories will receive 100 Gold
    • 1 additional prize every 50 stories, once we hit 100 stories

    Please note that only likes count into the evaluation. So, disliking other posts will not help you and is not tolerated.

    We are looking forward to hearing your stories!

    Happy holidays!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International

  • Vercingetorix leader of the Gaul’s lived a quiet life fishing among the banks of the Seine, a reluctant leader of a divided people of loosely knit tribes. Like any people Gaul’s had their snakes among them. Venomous creatures desiring only the growth of their own influence caring little for the general welfare the tribe, worst among them Darklord. Darklord was more then a snake he was a venomous spider who had great ambitions and no one likes spiders. Between Darklords evil ambitions and the recent arrival of a new Empire in the Valley Vercingetorix life and that of his people was soon to change.

    Before long Darklord had hatched a plan with the lieutenant of Ceasar general of the Empire, the infamous Nam Win. They worked breeding division among the Gaelic tribes waiting for the time ripen. That fall just before the harvest when the men should have been laboring in the fields Nam win laid siege to the Gaul citadel at Alesia. Building two sets of fortifications both inward and outward the romans dared Vercingetorix to lift the siege while they starved the people of Alesia. Outnumbering the Romans four to one Vercingetorix lead a valiant charge on the Roman fortifications. Victory seemed secure when suddenly the Gaelic Haeduan turned inward on their own flank. Pinned between the roman fortifications and the onslaught of their own cavalry the Gaul’s fought valiantly but succumbed to ultimate defeat.

    During the surrender to Ceasar Darklord, Vercintegorix most trusted marshal was entrusted with the execution of Vercingtegorix. Realizing the betrayal that had lead to his defeat a look of horror came across Vercintegorix face. Upon damming him to hell Darklord said as he raised the executioners ax over his head, “I am sending you to hell, but don’t cry! You’ll find new friends!”

    Vercingetorix Com4

  • Tired from walking all day Little Picasso was beginning to get careless with his steps as he labored the large Menhir over his shoulder. He felt a crunch and heard an audible squish under his foot. He set the large stone down to inspect his foot, “Oops” he said, finding an eight legged wad of goo stuck to his sandal. The gentle giant felt horrible, he wouldn’t have hurt a fly but a spider was another story, no one likes spiders.

    The large fourteen-foot-tall giant was beginning to think two silver a day just wasn’t enough to labor all day relocating farms away from the wrath of that relentless angry witch Katie, who attacked and raided everything that moved. It was beginning to be too much seeing the ugly children cry as they moved away from Van their friends, and the parents lying telling them “don’t cry! You’ll find new friends!” He thought to himself that perhaps the time had come to find a new way to make a living.

    He could move to the sea and take up fishing perhaps, or better yet he could chase his child hood dream of becoming a horse jockey! Sure there had never been a fourteen-foot-tall jockey at Theutates field, but he was a trailblazer after all and every one loves the UnD®DoG$ !!!!!

    Vanuss Com4

  • I reached here and stopped. i suggest you delete and re-wright this my friend :)

    edit: for some reason when i quoted you, some other profile has been quoted...

    nothing personal just need a gaul name for the story, so I took the first one that came up. if you translate nam win from latin I probably PO'd the top two players on the server. its actually the historical story of Caesars victory in Gaul, most the names are lost to history so I used those two, call it poetic license.

  • A story how nor Gauls nor Romans enjoyed their Winter Celebrations

    It's 21st of December and Druidriders and other warriors are celebrating Winter Solstice near Newgrange. New Chieftain is being elected while everyone drinks ale and eats rats and boars. When the time comes and sunshine gets into the tomb, the whole tribe decides to raise a new menhir to mark a start of a new era of conquering the rest of the known world. A quick prayer around the menhir and the army starts gathering, ready to march south to spoil upcoming Roman Christmas celebrations. After crossing a narrow sea, the army finds freshly abandoned Roman settlement with dry horse drinking trough. Chieftains commands to set some traps around and takes the settlement as his base for future raids. The yet unnamed village snoozes when from a near forest fire catapults start bombarding the village. Village falls into chaos, incoming Equites riders fall into traps but still manage to surround most of the village leaving Gauls only option to flee back to the sea. Chieftain was only able to say Oops.. and died on a lance of a nearby rider. Surviving Gauls on their ships returning home agree to get back to fishing and deffending their territory as they clearly are not good enough conquerors. Romans had to destroy their own home to make their trap successful and so now are wandering in fear of other raiders through these lands searching for a new home, having no safe place to celebrate Christmas.

    -Snorri (com3)

    Please ignore all the grammar mistakes, did my best! :)

  • Menhir
    o Oops…
    o Little Picasso
    o No one likes spiders
    o Fishing
    o Don't cry! You'll find new friends!

    "Tata, tata!? Cemu sluzi Menhir?!" uzbudeno je maleni plavokosi djecic priupitao ogromnog, dugokosog i dugobradog ratnika, koji je upravo polirao svoj mač. "Ooops... sad si me uhvatio! Pojma nemam! Nikada nisam razmisljao o tome... ali jako dobro pitanje. Hmm. Stvarno ne znam. Mozda nas starjesina znade?" sad je vec i otac postao znatizeljan. Naredio je sinu da ode do seoske starjesine i pita ga cemu sluzi Menhir. Malen ali poletan djecak pohitao je svom brzinom poput heroja ka lokalnom starjesini jedva cekajuci da sazna odgovor. Oh, kako je samo bio razocaran kada ni njihov starjesina, koji je bio najpametniji i najmudriji covjek u selu, nije znao odgovor! Iako jos nezreo, maleni djecak, poput pravoga Teutonca, nije odustao te je odlucio ne pojaviti se svome ocu pred oci sve dok ne sazna odgovor.

    Hodao je od sela do sela, od grada do grada, presao je preko 100 naselja! No, odgovor nije pronasao.
    Putujuci od naselja do naselja, spavao je u improviziranom smjestaju. Ako na svome putu u meduvremenu nije nasao kakav prirodan zaklon da prespava, poput pecine. napravio bi si omalenu kolibicu od siblja koje bi sakupio putem. Posto je malo hrane mogao nositi sa sobom, lovio je i pecao putem. Teutonci nisu bili osobiti vegeterijanci tako da ga lokalno bilje nije zanimalo te je vecinu hrane nabavljao pecajuci u jezerima i potocima.

    Jednoga dana pecao je uz potok citav dan a nije ulovio bas nista!! Uporno je bacao i bacao udicu u potok ali sreca mu se nije osmjehnula. Jako gladan, poceo je razmisljati da odustane i krene dalje putem gladan kad najednom riba se upeca na njegovu udicu, on je povuce van a riba povice na sav glas: ,
    "Pusti me, pusti me, molim te!!! zavapila je zlatna ribica. Djecak je bio toliko gladan da nije bio niti malo impresioniran samom cinjenicom da riba uopce govori te je odgovorio na tipican Teutonski nacin: "Zasto bih te pustio, sto ja imam od toga? Ako te pustim, ostat cu gladan i morat cu tako nastaviti svoj put a do sljedeceg sela imam jos 2 dana i 3 noci!"
    "Oslobodi me i ispunit cu ti bilo koju zelju!" kaze ribica.
    "Zelju? Bilo koju? Onda mi odgovori cemu sluzi Menhir?"
    "Ah pa to je lako! Menhir su postavili stari carobnjaci u slucaju susne godine. Naime, ako godina bude susna i narod nece imati zita dovoljno za do sljedece godine , tada starjesina tog naroda mora osloboditi 100 divljih zivotinja koje su ulovljene iz divljene te ih osloboditi pokraj kamena Menhira. Ako tako napravi, Priroda ce vratiti protuuslugu te ce zito roditi a stoka biti plodna"

    Neiskvaren djecak, nimalo sumnjajuci u istinost ocajne ribice, pustio ju je nazad u potok te se vratio u svoje selo kako bi svome ocu ispricao pricu. No kada se vratio kuci, otac ga je ismijao i rekao mu da je bio naivan sto je dopustio da mu plijen ispuza iz ruku. Djecak, posramljen, nikome vise nije ispricao sto mu se dogodilo u strahu da ga citavo selo ne ismije.

    Godine su prolazile i prolazile, djecak vise nije bio djecak nego odrastao muskarac. Odavna je zaboravio na ono sta ja ribica naucila u zamjenu za slobodu sve do jedne susne godine kada nije bilo kise i svi potoci i sva jezera su isusila do te mjere da se narod poceo svadati sam izmedu sebe! Ljudi su bili gladni i bijesni, nisu imali ikoga niti opljackati posto je svima bila susa! Tada se heroj ove price prisjetio ono sto mu je ribica ispricala te je pohitao do seoskog starjesine. No, niti starjesina nije imao sluha za njegovu pricu bas kao niti njegov otac godinama prije. Dapace, sada je citavo selo znalo za tu pricu i nas heroj je postao lokalna maskota. Nitko se nije htio vise niti druziti s njime!!

    No on se nije predao! Odlucio je pomoci svome narodu unatoc tome sto ga svim ismijavaju.
    Posto sam nije imao 100 divljih zivotinja, dosjetio se lukavog plana! Uhvatit ce svakoga kucnog pauka kojega nade po kucama i kada ih ulovi 100 sve ce ih pustiti u slobodu pokraj Menhira! Danima i nocima neumorno je trazio i hvatao i najveceg i najmanjeg pauka kojeg je mogao naci u selu. Jednoga po jednoga skrivao je u svome domu dok ih nije ulovio 100 a kada jest, sve ih je uzeo te hitro odnio do Menhira!

    Uzeo je drvenu kutiju, 100 pauka postavio u nju te ju odnio do Menhira te ih tamo pustio iz kutije.
    Istog trenutka cim je to ucinio, zacula se gromoglasna grmljavina, Najednom je iz vedroga neba pocela padati kisa koja je padala danima i nocima te napunila sva presusena jezera i potoke te su ljudi i stoka i biljke imali dovoljno vode za lagodan zivot.

    Selo, nakon sto je shvatilo da je pogrijesilo, proglasilo je heroja naseg price svojim seoskim starjesinom posto se on dokazao kao napametniji, nahrabriji a najvaznije od svega, naodlucniji od sviju!

    Not in english, but worth translation.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Ein Kleiner Picasso wollte einmal König sein und lud 99 Freunde bei sich ein.

    Dazu benutze er Menhirs, um sich neue Spieler zu Angeln.

    Spinnen mag Niemand, die findet man in den wilden Oasen.

    Travian Kingdoms ist ein spiel,so weine nicht wenn du Anfangs alleine bist! Du findest neue Freunde!

    1. A little Picasso once wanted to be king and invited 99 friends with him.
    2. He uses Menhirs to catch new players.
    3. Nobody likes spiders, they can be found in the wild oases.
    4. Travian Kingdoms is a game so do not cry if you are alone at first!
    5. You will find new friends!

  • This is the true story of the 'White' Bear, Imperatoris. Great son of The Brown Bear, german conqueror known as the most powerfull warrior the northern country ever bear.

    In this queer and cold lands where winter last 10 months, words by the fire still tell why this animal is the coat of arm of the family for centuries.

    The boys back from fishing in the frozen lake, the old shaman always narrates the legend of this ancester of them, and how he defended a Wonder of the World with a wall built of bears and spiders. Animals standed strong against the coalition of romans and gauls that came this day on Com4 to wipe out his city. But, though no one likes spiders, nor big bears, they all were crushed by the braves, only standed one single Bear.

    The boys always shouts at this point:

    - Por lita bea !

    And the shaman answers

    - Don't cry! You'll find new friends! Listen the end of the story kiddies.

    Defeated, the Roman leader gave his laurels, since ever the Brown Bear has been known by the roman nickname "Imperatoris" The Gauls chief gave a menhir as sign of respect. He had no more catapults to send it away, anyway... Strong of this success, many other clans joined the cause and with them Elephants from Africa, Tigers of Asia, Bears of the North, and even this little Rat from... Well we don't really know, maybe he was just passing by. We never had seen him away from the larder, by the way.

    From this day, wherever Imperatoris is wanted, you simply leave a menhir next to you and he'll join the battle. Oops... He's already here, T-01:00:00 prepare for battle.

  • Oops.... It's time for menhir to assemble all your close friend's together to fight the META. Don't cry! You'll find new friends! Even they are not inviting you to their kingdom. King Jack is on the mission to enroll all those abandon players and join force to fight along all the nasty META without mercy. Come all my fellow players join our kingdom and fight till the last man standing. Sharpen your mind and emotion as multiple waves will come to break you down and force you to give up and delete. Fear not we will defend you my friend, King Jack is with you as long as you are willing to join and fight along.

  • Once upon a time in a land far far away their was a kingdom called Stars, famously known for erecting Menhir to mark the onset of each winter. All the governors in the kingdoms used to indulge in fishing all during the winter in cold freezing lakes to take a rest from hard and exhausting battles fought over summer. This allows them to recover them emotionally and physically to prepare for the next round of conquest next summer and also enjoy some nice time with their families.

    There was a little Picasso who used to make the paintings for the kingdom's members in exchange for food and goods and was loved and appreciated by all due to his outstanding works. On one cold quite night he was sleeping in his hut when a spider crawled down the wall and went into his opened mouth.

    Next morning, the kingdom was raided by an evil neighbor kingdom, they tied down all governors and the evil king was walking and examining all governors to see who all will serve as a slave to him, when he approached little Picasso, the little Picasso sneezed and sent the spider flying over the evil king's face who because of some childhood trauma was afraid of spiders. He started panicking and started running in circles making his troops red of shame making them leave.

    The evil king was left behind alone and once governors got rid of spiders from him, little Picasso came to him and said - "Don't cry! You'll find new friends!". In a kingdom where no one likes spider, this incident changed everything and they started putting Spider shaped Menhir.

    Starx - Com6

  • In a Romans village when the first snow fell. the heroes in the village knew that villages needed more food supplies because the crops would be covered with snow so they would have to survive from starvation in the winter.

    The hero named Cirila of Esgares, with long white hair and a scar in his eyes decided to go looking for supplies by walking for miles and finding a quiet lake and decided to go “fishing”, after a few hours she only got a little fish, hoping to get more but there is no more fish she can get and start the journey again.

    Then, he walked away and headed for the wild forest and hoped to find a deer and suddenly a large bear appeared, they looked at each other for 3 seconds the bear stood to show its ferocity and roared. the bear 3 times higher than her, she drawed her steel sword, but. “Oops” he almost swung his sword at the bear, but the bear was only interested in the fish he had caught before. Cirila sighed, she was lucky not to fight with a bear and to be satisfied with the supplies she gets.

    After a while none of the deer he found and decided to walk deep into the forest but the forest was full of spiderwebs making it difficult to move but he slashed the spiderweb with his sword, "no one like spider" she said. Ciri knows after this forest there will be a village where her ghaul friend live, maybe he can help the people of her village, and that is true she gets a lot of food supplies, her village has built alliances for a long time, her friend give her a horse with settler and invites her friends to come to her village but he can't go with her "don't cry! You'll find new friends!" on your way home he said. Now she go home quietly through this winter. By riding a settler with full supply.

    On the way home he returned through wild forest again. But, ambush 5 bandits stopped the way back, there was five against one, two bandits down 3 left but Ciri wounded in her arm. Suddenly the bear roar breaks the fight, the bear crashes down the remaining 3 bandits, Ciri save and he gets new friends. The bear who ambushed her now they are friends and go back to the village together. For a moment they were going to get out of the forest. Ciri hearing footstep of hundreds or more troops in the distance with many war elephants with them, the troops destroy everything they passed, the Natarian. Ciri knew that the Natarian troops were heading to his village, and speeding up the settler's steps.

    to be continued..

    Tomatello Com2x3

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  • A Picture Tells 150 to 300 Words - by eltobz

    Oops…! Shouted Pablo, Little Picasso’s Grandfather.

    “What’s wrong Papa?” Said Little Picasso.

    “I am going to be in so much trouble when your Father gets back from fishing.. While you were over there making a snow angel, some guy threw a snowball at Johno, while he was placing the turkey on the table..”

    “That’s not your fault Papa! You were too busy decorating the Menhir – and you’ve done a good job of it too.”

    “I know I have Little P, Picasso is my middle name *winks* .. Oh wait, not it’s not. Anyway, I was too busy finishing this masterpiece and I told your Father I would look after Johno, because he’s been hit with a few hammers in his time, he’s not all there these days.”

    “Don’t worry about Johno, he’s a big boy, he can fend for his self, let’s just tell Father that we were playing a game and Johno took it too seriously.”

    “Little Picasso, you’re the best! Let’s go see your Father and later we can paint a picture of this story.”

    The End.

    eltobz - COM2

  • Hi guys thanks for the opportunity :D

    So lets move on to the story , its a bit sad but true :D

    Once upon a time there was a king named "AinsOoalGown" who's father was a great king with a vast and flourishing Kingdom , but one day while Hunting for a "Little Picasso" near the valley where the he was raining havoc his father met his end .

    Ains was next to his father when he was taking his last breaths , the king new that Ains was not ready to lead the kingdom he had built for all these years as he had no friends "No social skills ". When Ains was crying out of his mind for his father to get well soon his father told him never to give up hope and there is always something good in store for u .

    Meanwhile the evil/Ambitious leaders of the kingdom saw the kings illness as opportunity to dethrone him and in the months to come the king and his son Ains had to run for their lives with a few trusted soldiers . They ran across several kingdoms in search of a place where they could be safe finally they stopped by a abandoned house where they toke shelter , the kings men and AIns started to feel at home at the house as they lived out der but since nothing was close by they had to go to the lake for "Fishing" to collect food .

    Things were going smoothly until the kings health suddenly toke a turn for the worst , while he lied awaiting his end , his soon Ains never let his side . The king understood he had nothing growing up other than him and now that he was soon leaving him all alone . So on his dying breath he said "Don't cry! You'll find new friends!" ,and soon after went silent for ever .

    But those words stuck with Ains and hence he left the house which would constantly remind him of his fathers loss and started travelling alone , on his way he met lots of different people and since he was very naive he found himself getting tricked a lot but he never toke it to heart and kept moving forward , as days passed by he started learning a lot of things and he was gaining confidence in himself , just then some of the trusted soldiers that had helped his father and him escaped met him and told him abt the plight of the kingdom that was suppose to be his .

    At first Ains dint feel sorry for them as they had kicked his father out in his time of need , and kept moving along his journey to seek knowledge and above all make friends .

    Years passed by and Ains had kinda become a strong and respectable figure as the talk of his journey and his exploits left an lingering after effect on the people he had met . but one day while he was travelling he saw someone beating up on an old man he ran to the old man defense and gave him something to eat also gave him his jacket to keep warm , the old man's eyes were in tears as soon since he had never felt this way before . Ains asked him why they were beating on him and that's when he told him abt his dark past , he used to be an worker at an alchemy shop that was run by powerful people who wanted to change peoples minds into following them around like dogs, upon hearing this Ains bust out in laughter but apologized and said "Ooops..". He expained that he dint mean to be rude but the things the old man said were too good to be true , that's when the old man showed him the device , Ains couldn't take his eye off it , it was just that amazing . Ains asked what it actually did and the old man wore the ring and said watch this , he went up to the most beautiful girl around in the village and started to convince her to marry him , she refused out loud at first but as the old man kept talking she seemed to agree with the old man and decided to go ahead with it , this really shocked Ains , but the old man dint go ahead with it and let the girl go , but now Ains was really looking forward to know more this was something he had never heard of before , it was like something inside him was attracting it towards it . He asked the old man what they would call this device and the old man in a slow and low voice said "Menhir" .

    The old man saw how naive Ains was and was just flattered by his curiosity for knowledge and gave him the Menhir as for helping him out of danger earlier , ains was on top of the moon when he had the device in hand ,but he knew never to use it for evil and thanked the old man for his wonderful tales on enlightenment and went on with his journey , that when he met a girl who was taking a shower beside the lake where Ains was resting , Ains woke up abruptly because she was singing while taking a bath , but his curiosity dint let him leave it at that , he had to know who it was that had such a beautiful voice . As the voice kept getting louder and louder he found himself next to a small waterfall on the other side of the lake nd that when he laid eyes upon the girl who was naked , as soon as the girl saw Ains she shouted for help and Ains went on to confront her to clear suspicions as they talked she started to like Ains and his childish nature , but they were soon interrupted by soldiers who were der for the girl , Ains dint understand the whole situation at hand but knew he had to get her away from them and so he tried using the ring to talk the soldiers out of chasing her , and to Ain's surprise it worked like a charm and the soldiers where on their way in no time . That moment the girl completly fell for Ain's and told her the whole story and Ain's understood what she had been going through and decide to take her with him on his journey , they kept walking around for several days before they found a yet another abandoned home at the center of a forest as they got in the girl screamed on top of her voice upon seeing several spiders lurking around , AIns comforted her saying they were harmless but she said " No one likes spiders" upon which both of them started laughing and this is where the story of Ains the king began as he started to grow his influence around the villages everyone started to support him for his noble causes and the girl and him lived happy ever after .

    Name : AinsOoalGown Server : Com2x3

    Hope u enjoyed it guys :D

    Merry Christmas to all

  • Name: Amritam. Server Com2x3

    It was a day which we can find only in old writings. Weather was hard. Strong winds with snowfall were unfriendly for everyone. Betwean building walls of empty streets in small town Nordoc, wind create sounds which was like crying. Two friends was sitting and word which they spoken were part of history written in the stone.

    Little Picasso , governor of small comunity, was sitting near warm fire in his Residence. Near him was Lito, his friend and town scout. Bouth of them were looking in map and letter from king Apoloxis from far away kingdom Eternity.

    „ It is enough. We are not flies. Nobody can catch us in web like spiders. No one likes spiders! . Little Picasso said loudly.

    „It is possible. We can do it!“ Said Lito to him. He hit with his left arm woden bowl on table near him. Red nectar called Oases sheded on surface. „ Ooops…“ He catch bowl before it fall down from table.

    „You shed my vine…“ Little Picasso said quitly but his eyes were fixed on the letter. „ Ah… we need to remove from here. We are like fishs here! Those wild teutons from near Ahru'dung are fishing us here. Old alliancies are dead. Nobody can help us any more!“

    Lito put his hand on friends shoulder. „ If we use those Menhir we can settle in Eternity. Don't cry! You'll find new friends there! There is always new friends around. “

    Little Picasso look in Lito's eyes and said. „ Yes, we will use this Manhir from Apoloxis! We will use old magic and settle far from here.

    Lito answear him. „ I said from beggining that we are not farm. Those teutons will fall one day. Yes, they will fall down from our hands.“

  • Я парнишка седой,Я совсем молодой, меня посадили в траву.А зачем почему не пойму.За компом я сижу.И с тоскою в окошко гляжу .Ходят люди внизу не могу удержать я слезу.Я травою одной совершенно больной,Неужели меня ты атакуешь? Упс Я с натарами борюсь,Я натар не боюсь,Я боюсь, что о менгир не добьюсь.
    Есть хотел-хлеб украл,А оффкор покарал так жестоко. Восемь месяцев мне сидеть.у коня моего стали черные кудри седеть.

    Знаешь что о Маленький Пикассо, давай с тобой посидим

    Заварим чаю, давай помечтаем

    Ну куда же нам с тобою, спешить молодым

    Не знаешь? Да вот и я не знаю.

    А как сейчас? Человек человеку волк

    Нечего с него взять, то и какой в нем толк

    Дружбу и любовь, меняем на ресурсы

    Среди, этой нечистоты скажи мне кто ты?

    К чему пришли мы? Что же имеем в итоге?

    Тут Короли об людей просто вытирают ноги

    Тут за кусок побольше, Люди не любят пауков

    На зло на те поступки что, против воли Богов.

    И Им не важно какой они идут дорогой

    В крови запачкали мечи, секиры, копья, ведь ставка высока это Гора.

    Вникай, очень часто тут битва бывают жестоки

    Так и живем и будем дальше жить,Но а пока
    Давай представим этот мир другим

    В нем нет места лжи и ресурсы не имеют веса

    Где небо остается всегда голубым

    И мы как дети будим строить Чуда!!!


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  • I am currently reading your stories and love them. BUT: some are too short, some are too long and some are not provided in English.You still have time until midnight CET today

    • Please provide also an English version
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  • В крови запачкали мечи, секиры, копья, ведь ставка высока это Гора.

  • Only two kingdoms were left behind in the bloody war rising after the big winter.One of the two kingdoms floating in the blood lakes would the dazzling Wonder of the World.But will this prize bring back what was lost ? Natars, led by the ruthless Natarius, wore their chain armor, took their best spears, and were heading towards the siege.

    They were the Teutons who had lost their kings and had no choice but to trust the last person who gave them hope.They had lost their king Cermenius in the last battle.But there was Little Picasso who took his sword off the ground and won the battle.In fact, he was not the soldier, he was the last person the kingdom could have hoped for, Picasso.He was just know Fishing.The army that could oppose the army of Natarius was the Teutonic army led by a fisherman? It was impossible to find anyone other than Teuton.

    But Picasso was smart, very intelligent for a fisherman.He knew the ways to win every battle was different.The army in his hand was weak and composed of the villagers.The best thing he could do was war of defend.Natarius' army had more than a month to battle them.The best thing they could do in a month was nothing but a wall for defense.The whole kingdom tried to build a gigantic wall.

    When the time of the big war came, only hours were left for new year.Natarius roared and ordered the attack.Picasso used the method of fodder.Menhirs were rising from the bottom of Natarius' army.Poisonous spiders leaped from the Menhirs.The biggest weaknesses of the Natars were spiders.No one likes spiders.The great Natar army had lost the great morale and military power by the influence of spells and spiders.

    The Natars, who could not pass the walls built by Picasso,but they didnt lost life in the war.The great blizzard, which had begun in full time, had shattered the entire army of Natarius.Natarius had lost a great army, even against a simple fisherman.Children were shouting from behind the walls : Don't cry! You'll find new friends!

    The Teutons, led by Picasso, had won the great prize, the Great World of the Great.They gave this grand prize the name of Cermenius who led them to the final battle.The end of the great winter, the destruction of the Natars and the victory of Little Picasco.What an interesting year ?

    COM3 Mr.Rabbit

    I'm sorry for my bad English.Orginal story is here :

    Büyük kışın ardından yükselen kanlı savaşta geriye sadece iki krallık kalmıştı.Kan göllerinin içinde yüzen iki krallıktan biri gözleri kamaştıran Dünya Harika'sına sahip olacaktı.Ama sahip olacakları bu ödül kaybettiklerini geri getirebilecek miydi ? Acımasız Natarius'un önderliğindeki Natarlar zincirli zırhlarını giymiş,en iyi mızraklarını almış ve kuşatmaya doğru gidiyorlardı.

    Karşılarında ise krallarını kaybetmiş,onlara umut verebilen,ordunun başında olan kişiye güvenmekten başka çareleri olmayan Cermenler vardı.Kralları Cermenius'u kaybetmişlerdi son muharebede.Ama onun kılıcını yerden alıp onlara savaşı kazandıran Küçük Picasso vardı.Aslında asker değil hatta krallığın umut bağlayabileceği son kişiydi Picasso.Basit bir Balıkçılık yapıyordu sadece.Koskoca Natarius'un ordusuna karşı gelebilecek ordu bir balıkçının yönettiği Cermen ordusu muydu ? Buna Cermenlerden başka inanacak birini bulmak imkansızdı.

    Ama Picasso zeki biriydi,bir balıkçıya göre çok zeki.Her savaşı kazanmanın yolları farklıydı bunu biliyordu.Elinde kalan ordu zayıf,güçsüz ve çoğu köylülerden oluşuyordu.Yapabileceği en iyi şey savunma savaşıydı.Natarius'un ordusunun onlara ulaşmasına daha 1 ay vardı.Bu 1 ayda yapabilecekleri en iyi şey savunma için sur inşa etmekten başka bir şey değildi.Tüm krallık devasa bir sur inşa etmek için çalıştı.

    Büyük çarpışma vakti geldiğinde yılbaşına sadece saatler kalmıştı.Natarius kükredi ve hücum emretti.Picasso ise balıkçılıktan öğrendiği yem metodunu kullanmıştı.Büyüyle gizlenmiş Taş Anıtlar Natarius'un ordusunun ayaklarının dibinden yükseliyordu.Taş Anıtlarının içlerinden ise zehirli örümcekler sıçrıyordu.Natarların en büyük zayıflıkları örümceklerdi.Hiçkimse örümcekleri sevmezdi.Büyük Natar ordusu büyünün ve örümceklerin etkisinde kalarak büyük moral ve askeri güç kaybetmişti.

    Picasso'nun inşa ettirdiği surların geçemeyen Natarlar'ın ise canını savaş almamıştı.Tam yılbaşı vaktinde başlayan büyük kar fırtınası Natarius'un tüm ordusunu tuzla buz etmişti.Natarius büyük ordusunu kaybetmişti hemde basit bir balıkçıya karşı.Surların arkasından çocuklar bağırıyorlardı : Ağlama! Yeni arkadaşlar bulacaksın!

    Savaşı kazanan Picasco önderliğindeki Cermenler o büyük ödül olan Dünya Harika'sına sahip olmuşlardı.Bu büyük ödüle ise onlara son savaşa kadar yol gösteren Cermenius'un ismini verdiler.Büyük kışın bitişi,Natarlar'ın yok oluşu ve Küçük Picasco'nun zaferi.Ne ilginç bir yıldı değildi mi ?

  • I am a little gray-haired boy, I am quite young, they put me in the grass. And why I do not understand. I'm sitting on the computer. And I look out the window with flour. I go to the bottom, I can not hold a tear. I'm all alone, are you attacking? Oh, I'm fighting with natars, I'm not afraid of natars, I'm afraid I won't reach the menhir.

    I wanted to eat, I stole the bread, And so, severely punished the offshore. For eight months I sat in my Travian. my black curls began to turn gray.

    You know what, little Picasso, let's sit down with you

    Brew tea, let's dream

    Well, where are we with you, hurry young

    You do not know? I have no idea

    How is it now? Man to man is a wolf.

    There is nothing to take from him, what is the use of it?

    Friendship and love, we are changing resources and the army.

    In the midst of this mud, tell me who you are?

    What have we come to? What do we have in the end?

    Here the kings of the people just wipe their feet.

    Here, for the most part, People don't like spiders.

    To the evil of those actions that are contrary to the will of the gods.

    And they don't care where they go.

    In the blood were drawn swords, axes, spears, because the stakes are high, this is mountains.

    Understand,here very go often fierce battles

    This is how we live. and we will game to live, but for now,

    Let's imagine this world to others.

    It has no place for lies, and resources have no weight.

    Where the sky always remains sky blue

    And we as children, will build the Wonders on the Mountain!!!
    COM 7
    P.S in General, from Russian into English. rhyme is lost and text changes(((