Asking about create a plan on Getter Tool

  • Hi friends,

    As you know we can create an offensive plan on Getter Tool in order to attack with the right time

    The thing is about the Tournament Square (i'm upgrading it to lvl 20 with 200% bonus speed) but at Getter Tool only gives us bonus speed like 25 - 50 - 75 % ?

    So how can i modify the speed bonus to 200% or any number just to the same as my TS building?


  • You have to make sure the attacker (you in this case) manually entered his TS level in the "troops" section of getter (attached pic). the speed will be calculated automatically using the TSs value. What exactly the 25...% are im not sure, either extremely simplified boots of the archon or a remnant of travian legends maybe. anyway, id just ignore it for plans.

  • but at Getter Tool only gives us bonus speed like 25 - 50 - 75 % ?

    Those speed bonuses in the planning section are for hero boots, and unfortunately they only include the numbers from travian legends, so that feature is pretty much useless for travian kingdoms.

    Like Marshmallowman stated above, the members need to manually input their TS levels in their troops-page and it will automatically include it in the plan when you add them in :)