where do i find the rules?

  • I have been looking all over the wiki, and forums, but i CANNOT find the rules for duels. me and my husband both have an account on one server. can we set eachother as duals? or do i need to delete mine to be his dual?

    where are the T & C ? apparently i accepted those too? i can't find them anywhere.

  • Game rules: https://lobby.kingdoms.com/#/rules

    ToC: https://agb.traviangames.com/terms-en.pdf

    Duals: You just can't set each other as your dual. If you try it, the system says nope. You can only enter someone as dual, if he doesn't already have an account on that world. So yes, if you want to dual with him, one of you has to delete his accounts. But, you can sit each other using the sitter function. As a sitter, you have only limited permissions tho, you can't use auctions and you can't send sieges or normal attacks as a sitter, for instance.