Update the mobile app

  • I started playing on the mobile app and love this game. But I knew something was lacking.

    Then I tried the web browser and wow! so many more functionality.

    There's a lot of essential things missing in the mobile app, like goto coordinates on the map, etc.

    I can't see place names unless I attack them first.

    I sent supporting troops to an oasis. and now I've lost them. My rally point doesn't show foreign troops.

    and many many more....

  • The app is subpar on every aspect of the game. It's really not playable. The thing isn't even optimized very well. Lags a ton half the time you can't even login to it. Want to use chats sorry that won't work most of the time.

  • The app still helps when you are travelling or at work and cant login via Web

    As a King/Duke, the "Collect Tributes" button takes a few minutes to become green and clickable. This is the most irritating item for me.

    I would also like the App allowing the daily Card game when i am away on travel.

  • Travian must be updated to more mobile friendly. Yes, it was born as one of the finest browser base game, but the world changed and mobile app is the machine of this world right now replacing PC browser. In South East Asia, mobile games have very big market. If a game like Ragnarok or MOBA like League of Legends can transform their platform, i think Travian developers have ability to do the same. Yes building a game with 2 platforms in 1 single game is more challenging than just focus on new project like "travian mobile"....but i guess, that thing that would make Travian special.

  • please bring back the web brower version, I remember when I traveling last year, the browser version working fine for me, everything is ok.

    But with this new mobile app, no... can't do anything :(

  • I have no big problems with the app. It does not offer the same functionality as when I am on the pc, but report any problems you have. They are usually dealt with, but you need to be patient. No need to rush big updates and having it crash all the time.

  • please bring back the web brower version, I remember when I traveling last year, the browser version working fine for me, everything is ok.

    But with this new mobile app, no... can't do anything :(

    The Web browser version for phone still works by the way, they just don't put any work or officially "support" it

  • The Optimal would be if they could just add support for different levels of Zoom in the Web-browser version (I mean the current one you use on PC, not the old one for mobile that got discontinued). Then they could just scrap that app thing completely.

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  • A think they might loose the user base which uses only Apps in day to day life, a sole browser game might be very old school for current and new generation using mobile phones filled with apps for anything and everything.

  • oh man i hate the app it is so bugged and slow. there isn't even a troop simulator anywhere in there. just add support for the browser on phones, be a lot easier. can't read reports, takes forever to check anything. it takes less time to drive home and use ur own pc.

  • and if you can get the mobile app to work as well as the browser, you know you'll get an influx of new players. mobile games is huge. i know a ton of travian legends players who play mostly on their phone.

  • No app means you lose a portion of your possible playerbase. Deleting the app is not an option. If you are that unhappy about it, just use the browser version. The app works for me. It does enough, sending farmlists and some building. More than enough.

  • Step 1: Install Teamviewer

    Step 2: Configure it for unobserved access

    Step 3: Download Teamviewer app

    Step 4: Play on your pc while being on your phone

    No joke, this is how I play from mobile usually. xD

  • Most of the time yes, if I look into it with TV I can always access it without reloading, when using mobile browser, I often have problems when leaving it closed for a while and then re-open it and I often miss the button I want to press, clicking some wrong one. Using TV I can use my touchscreen as kinda touchpad, like on laptops, for me it's more comfortable that way if you get used to it.