Tournament Travian Kingdoms

  • hello everyone,

    Before showing you my proposal i want to say that i've already checked the forum for something like that but i didnt find something about that.

    The proposal is exactly as the title says a tournament.

    I've played already few servers on kingdoms after a some years break from legends, and the "thing" that i see in all this server is that expect for some .coms most of the server are just 1/2 giant kingdoms facing (each)others and that will provide us a lack of funny and "hardcore" plays because in a scenario like that if 1 of those 2 kingdoms is attacking most likely the other one will defend and it feel (to me) like a turn-based game.

    Insert a invitational tournament could provide us this hardcore plays and also will provide an huge amount of good players playing together in the same server instead of splitting everywhere.

    We can play 1 server for each nation ( for the biggest ), 1/2 for few of the smallest as a group ( for example the nation X Y and Z lack in players so they will play on the same one) and 1/2 for the .coms.

    A player can only play 1 server ( you have to put some things that will almost secure that like a personal code for your smartphone number and Travian ID ,which is also valid if you play as sharer).

    The first X player of the winning kingdom plus the first X players from rankings like offenders defenders and population will take the invite and are able to play into that server.

    Server could be a 2x for res and 1x for troops so it will be a little bit faster but not too fast.

    This is everything i've to say right now.

    Share ur opinion below and tell me if like something like that

  • So you want to invite the biggest players (population/off/def) to a server. And then what? How do you procede? What guarantee do you have that players will not form big kingdoms again, and have more of the same action?

  • I think it's a decent idea - similar to the original tournament worlds from the travian of old. However it would need some serious changes and work to implement what u are suggesting. Personally I think something like this could work:

    Run a "qualifier round" server - 3x speed, 2x troops - in order to gauge who will be invited into the main server (top 50 off, def, pop) or something like that.

    In order to prevent the players just forming big kingdoms beforehand, add a limit of 25 players per kingdom (roughly 150 players, works out as 6 kingdoms), allow the "teams" to be formed beforehand and maybe give them something special, like custom building decoration or city aesthetic on map to distinguish the "teams". then run the tournament round and the winners get a special medal or something (or a large gold sum as well).

    idk that's just my thoughts if anyone has anything better let me know but i would love to see something fun like this, I feel like more ppl could get invested in the game if there was a goal like this

  • So you want to invite the biggest players (population/off/def) to a server. And then what? How do you procede? What guarantee do you have that players will not form big kingdoms again, and have more of the same action?

    *Before u read this , sorry for my english

    the situation that everyone of us is trying to avoid , an enormous kingdom , can be easily dodge with some special features for this round and only for this round like

    1) limited players for kingdoms for example an invitational round can invite 80(example) people so the kingdoms cant be higher than 50 people so when u are going to merge its a 100.
    2) the kings who won the invitational decide for all their kingdom the "spot"
    3) a large number of good player like 1/1.5k active and "good" players will fight as hard as they can to bring res and tres to their kingdoms , without so many farms and greys people must fight to bring something home or they will slow down a lot towards the ones who are fighting.
    4) the strongest kingdom(VP) for each part of the map (NW/NE/SW/SE) get more VP/weekly but also provide more VP to the Kingdoms which are in the same zone and are fighting them( to be sure that people wont abuse that at least "X%" with X>50% of the villages of the kingdom must be a part of that) this will encourage fighting inside the same sector in the early game and also will make you think twice about the PNB you are running for. For example attacking an higher kingdom provide you 10 VP , attacking the first 25 if im not wrong , something like attacking the 1° kingdom in the sector could be something like 15/18 VP. obviusly if you are the first one this will still provide 25

    Beyond all this its up to the player to provide themselfs a good server , if people dont want to fight nobody can force them to do it.

  • I will also answer to you about the speed of the servers.

    Like the old travian championships 3x is a way too fast in my opinion , beetwen a 1x and 3x there is a huge tactical and strategical gap.
    Play in a 2x for res and 1x for troops will provide us more ways to play , fast economy develop? why not?! or a tons of early game troops? why not? but you still need to think twice how you want to play.
    Also a 3x is really really challenging for the most of the players because people lacks in free times , a 3x speed will just put some people which have tons of free time so much in advantage that is not what i expect from an invitational.
    a 2x speed game will separate the mediocre players from the really strong ones to provide to the finals only the best that TK can offer At this moment in my opinion.

    As i said in the first messagge.

    Keep sharing ur opinion below and lets see if we can reach the TK administration and force them to understand how much fun and advertising { ;))))) } a world champions can bring to this game

  • i said only 3x speed for a "qualifier" round as i feel like regular or 2x speed would take too long just for simply "sorting" players out, i think the actual championship would have to be 1x,2x

  • старый чемпионат travian проходил в 2 раза быстрее, если я правильно помню, : Dпо крайней мере, когда играл в него почти 7/8 лет назад

    Now, too, x2.