Governor capital evasion

  • Casual players struggle due mostly because of no duals. I regret to say that the capital evasion actually retained more players and made it more enjoyable with all the extra players. I vote to bring it back for governor only. Not kings or dukes. I also think this would dramatically decrease everyone wanting to be a king as it should be. Let me know what you all think.

  • How would governors surviving make the server dead? Look at the king/duke to governor ratio..... then factor how many kings and dukes have duals compared to governors and it's clear there is a problem.

  • Because too many of the wrong governors would survive - the ones that need something like this to survive. If you have a server population of 99% inactive governors who use capital evasion - as would currently be the case - you end up with a dead server. Nobody makes a move, ever, cause the people playing are inactive.

    There's definitely a problem with having too many kings on the servers, but it's not a dual problem. If you were to remove the duals and put those on separate accounts, they would still be far more active individually than any of the governors who need capital evasion would be. You need to make the governors more active, not the active accounts less active.

  • I would say 100% of solo accounts sleep. Good sitters are hard to find. Solo accounts that are active but wake up to all troops dead are why people quit. It's hard to play while sleeping. Heck... spy's in allys only purpose was to see when accounts were logged off.

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    I enjoy debates, so please don't be offended.

  • I'll go a step further and classify the Travian player demographics into 3 categories.
    1st - Dual accounts which almost guarantees you to be in the top 50-100 depending on server size.
    2nd - Active solo owned and may or may not have sitter.
    3rd - casual, maybe log in once or twice a day for a couple minutes to sim, but have severe resource overflow issues and usually low troop counts.

    So having a capital evasion would rarely effect the 1st demographic.
    Having a capital evasion would greatly effect the 2nd demographic.
    The 3rd demographic would never be in negative crop and therefore would have minimal effect.

    In conclusion, the capital evasion would really only benefit active players who do not have a dual and this is the category that should be the lifeblood of the server. Without this "Middle-class" of players, the 1st tier crushes the 3rd into oblivion just by farming.... not malice.... and you're stuck with a very low pop server with duals and very few Active solo accounts..... from what i'm gathering, most players are finding it extremely boring and for lack of a better word.... lonely.

  • Don't worry I'm not easily offended and certainly not by somebody simply wanting a discussion :D Did you know you can turn off - in the settings - that your online status is being shared? And all you need to do while asleep/offline is send your troops away.

    Actually, since capital evasion would get used by everybody too lazy to simply send the troops out on raid to an oasis or inactive when they're not online, it would affect the entire demographic as it alters gameplay. It wouldn't allow you to follow-home capital hammers, or surprise them at home. The ones in your category 3 that aren't active enough and would rely only on capital evasion to survive would still get farmed by anybody more active than them. Your 2nd category should be active enough to survive most of the time, even without capital evasion, if they don't survive it wasn't their activity alone that caused their death, but their way of playing.

    You should be aware that most players in the game currently are 3rd category people. That's why it's so boring. To show this here's an example: On COM1, there are 1900 registered accounts. A thousand have left the game - in less than a month since server start - and I'd wager most of those were in category 3 before they left for good. 900 are active. About a 100 of those are hardcore and will certainly have duals. The other 800 are in your 2nd or 3rd category and may or may not have duals. So you can see why the game is boring. I doubt it has much to do with being farmed or even being attacked. It's because there aren't enough players actually doing something on the server which makes it boring. If we say it's 50/50 for the 800, it means that with the deletions you had maybe 1400 inactive people out of 1900 people at server start. Gee why would the servers be boring! :D

    In the old days, having a dual meant absolutely nothing in terms of ranking besides the account being active. Almost all active accounts had duals, it certainly didn't guarantee anything. Right now, not having a dual is fine. The game is so uncompetetive, the amount of active people trying to farm you so low, that you can easily get away with logging in once a day unless you happen to be sitting near a heavy raider.

  • I'm on 2nd week and WW is at 72%.... Here are the top 10 rankings on the .com server and I challenge you to explain how this is active.... was similar rankings last week also.

    [h=4]Climbers of the week[/h]

    [h=4]Defenders of the week[/h]

    [h=4]Robbers of the week[/h]

  • Not just Top 10 for week..... check out overall ranking for attacks....
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    [TD='class: ng-binding'] Population 400[/TD]
    [TD='class: ng-binding'] Villages 2[/TD]
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