Hide threads/forum parts from "Unresolved Threads" list

  • Hey,

    does anyone know this forum software and can tell me how to get rid of some forum parts in my unresolved threads list?

    For instance, I would like the NL/HU/Nordic/PL/most of the com embassies not to appear there. I always click them just to mark them as read, but I rarely read them.

    To clarify: I mean "unresolved threads", NOT "watched threads".

    Thanks & best regards,


  • There is this button in the top left corner of the forum (marked red on the picture)

    if you press it a window like this will open up:

    You can tick off the threads that you don’t want to see here. If you do this the notifications of the thread will disappear but you also can’t access it anymore.

    Hope that helps… I also just noticed it today :)