• Hello Everyone,

    Last year we did some meetups in our kingdom where few of us went for vacations for few days and had a great time with each other.

    I'd like to extend this to all other kingdoms, regardless of being friends or enemies (most of us are amazing humans before travian players).

    We're planning for few days in April, somewhere in Europe, depending on ideas and suggestions we will finalize a place by the end of this month, few of the suggestions are :




    Moe can be discussed about it in "Real Life Meetup" section of Stars Discord here :

    Any other ideas/ suggestions welcomed too.

    _Best Regards

  • Hello Everyone,

    We are going to have next Travian meetup in Bucharest, Romania from 1st - 5th March.

    Everyone is welcome to join us who can make it. Please let us know if interested. Cheers!

    P.S. Remember it's an official meetup and all costs to be bear by individuals themselves.