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  • It seems like the only way to get resources is, attack robber camps, or send hero on an adventure, for me at the moment, asI have only been playing 3 days or so, so my trooplevel is not high enough to consider attacking other players

  • dont forget that you are getting a lot of ressources from quests
    especially the returns of the very early ones are way higher than the investment costs... so if you progress towards completing quests the development of your first village will be really fast.

    i would also recommend you to focus on building up your ressource fields because they give you a passive ressource income

  • The ways to earn res are:
    -resource fields (most basic way, keep upgrading them as much as goes. Also the corresponding infrastructure like the mill and bakery)
    -robber hideouts (+robber camps when part of a kingdom every few days)
    -selling stolen goods
    -using resource chests. you get them sometimes via the cardgame
    -resource piles you gain when relocating (not sure about the name actually :D)

    -certain quests
    -trading with others via marketplace (you can even make profit there if you trade for 0.x:1)
    -tributes when you are king or duke (you get a percentage of what the guys in your sphere of influence produce)

    -attacking in general (other players, oases, yourself, natars)

    -dismantling buildings (far from efficient but for completeness of the list :D)
    -starving troops (also not efficient and also just on the list for completeness)
    might have forgotten some but thats the ways I know of right now

  • -passive production from holding treasures in your treasury as a king
    -hiding resources with hidden treasury from your tribute fund when you get attacked (or just raiding your tributes yourself but that goes in the attacking in general)
    -oases (just use an oasis slot from embassy, also you can additionally reinforce troops in it for bonus production)
    -setting your heros attribute points to resource production
    -buying the +25% res production with gold

    I'm sure we're still missing something :D