3 Word Story game

  • During the last COM6 we ran a channel asking everyone to input 3 words a day to create a story , here is the result of few months of all of our efforts, no less than a masterpiece:

    (Thanks to everyone for contributing)

    P.S. Be a dear and ignore all grammatical errors.

    Once upon a Starx made me cry. I wanted to slap his girly cheeks with green fresh lemonade, that I got extracted while having lunch with Lemon,the mighty guardian of the Lemony Castle. I drank Scotch while waiting for Starx to Cook lemon's dinner. Surprisingly, he poisoned all kingdom members With his famous And quite large Number of popsicles that were bought at the local drug dealer. Suddenly Diana walks in on Starx and Cannot comprehend the size of his madness. Outside the existence of reality, but vheim appears to be baned but begs for finally leaving 82dk.

    While Ernest's Christmas Jumper is too Tight, he decides to buy a Nasty short skirt with a matching Nipple pastie set that looked like gods own creation but Devils approved.

    Later that afternoon, the law men came looking for Leax because of The bounty on his priceless brain. Suddenly, brain poachers walk away from the crime scene And explode the brain, peanuts started to fill a Part of the mouth. Good morning ;it felt until, the authorities came. But batman rushed For skittles because Fishkiller made him Eat the yellow, yellow brownish snow without seasoning. Tasted Surprisingly like a lemon basted fish That passed to stupid cheifing attempt.

    Miniwig is the victim of bad Decision making in Travian and life; Just like Lemon. Meanwhile at the coronation ceremony of Mighty king hah (long live the King). Hah brought Everyone jam doughnuts which he dipped In sausage, egg, Bacon... Being vegetarian though, it still Tasted like it was made of Expensive rabbit food: . Later that day , "do you wanna Build a snowman?! " in the mind she asked her imaginary friend hesitatingly And said hi , would you like to feel my Snowmans orange carrot? Surprised, the friend asked if he Take it in Warm igloo to Play with the young wolf pups because it's that Time of year when everybody sends their armies to eat, drink, and take a bath with rose petals.

    I wish it in my dreams that these people Who were foes will join our new improved kingdom To conquer the long forgotten lands. Suddenly, in the mist shadows emerged the warrior named Leif. He walked with staunch determination, sword in hand, chewing a lemon, Smoking a hah, enjoying life, unaware Of the incoming army of snowmen that were about to decapitate the head of infamous phoenix, bird of rebirth. They were all deceived, for it was not ashes they rose from but from a big pile of snowmen dung Which actually smelled Like pixie dust.

    A long journey is nearing end , felling nostalgic and longing for the Vienna Christmas Market to drown ashes With cheap beer and black tea With whiskey inside. Without warning a shot was fired the sound was like someone farted through the fabric Of wet shorts, it was no fun and games,The smell of Lemons vs limes Is almost same one is green but that doesn't Matter, yellows the Stronger of fruits Always taste worse when mixed with Beer and cocaine once you squeeze You can't unsqueeze unless you have 3/4 steel fitting, but you must take it in to keep it with its pulp.

    Diana used to gather all hah's favorite ladies for Lemon's controversial fantasies, but soon realized They were lemons again and again they tried killing The Lemon, but he stands victorious Honored among men Despised among enemies, he rose to duke's position unfortunately And became the ultimate Jerkcules. His emasculating persona created Explosions and pixie Dust, everywhere he went people noticed so many attacks and they were all ignoring Lemon. Thankfully, he relaxed With a beer, invited everyone to Drink more beer till he noticed The beer's gone "oh no!" he shouted angry, "who drank my beer?!". The bear replied, It was Lemon. Forgive me for not knowing what I did that Upset everyone on Christmas holly day! Upon the arrival of Phoenix sieges from the land of ogre brutes. It created a Bloody mess of wood and steel when it burned, with my fart it produced stingy odour like killed The story time and they lived long and unhappy life ever after.